Village of Pulaski By, Lexi sommers

Municipal Building Address: 745 WI-32, Pulaski WI, 54162
Map of Pulaski

Issue: The issue that I chose is Ryan Winn had more than two dogs living in his household and had to go to court for it. Pulaski had the restriction of having up to two dogs per household. Ryan had a license and everything for the dogs but he had more than two. How Pulaski handled it: Pulaski got the petition and they accepted that citizens living in Pulaski should have more than two dogs per household. Pulaski upgraded the restriction to three dogs per household with the dogs being licensed. Opinion: I agree that they made the restriction to three dogs because you shouldn't have a limit on how many pets you can have. I think they should've restricted up to five dogs. I think they should of have done this because if you have two dogs and they have puppies, and you want to keep them, you would only be able to keep one with the restriction. If the restriction was five dogs, then you could keep up to theee dogs.

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