Priscilla Lee Strole Arianna loya, Ashlie kemer

Aug. 31, 1983; Priscilla Lee Strole suffered a gruesome attack. Which included numerous injuries to her face and head from kitchen knives, a can opener, and a piece of decorative wood, and had been sexually assaulted.
Fingerprints and semen were collected from the scene but at the time there were no matches to anyone.
A couple cold case detectives reviewed the case in 2012; the detectives developed a theory that when the suspect’s prints were originally run through AFIS in 1983. They then decided to rerun the prints and semen now in 2012.
the fingerprints collected at the scene were matched with fingerprints on file for Robert Hathaway, who was 17 years old at the time of the murder and was a friend of Kyle Stracner.


Created with images by byrev - "dirt dirty fingerprints"

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