How Our Nation Plunged Connor DElawder

During the 1920s the whole nation was prospering. Americans were rich and thrived off of credit and the stock market. Most people were happy and looking forward to the future. New inventions, more money and ads made everything look great. However, the stock market crash in 1929 proved that we were not as rich and strong as we thought.

1920 family has hope for America's bright future

People were very happy with life in the 1920s

It is time for some jazz!

Jazz was very popular in the 1920s

Rebellious young folks illegally drank at speakeasies

Classic case of rebelling young folks

Millions react to their losses in the stock market crash

Reaction to the stock market crash

Businesses and consumers lost money in the crash. This left Americans feeling like that their lives were ruined. The poor had to move to Hoovervilles due to losing their homes. Americans were angry, cold and hungry. All of these hardships caused panic and people lost trust in the Government of the United States. Americans did not know who to blame and were losing their minds. Americans demanded their jobs and money back. Little did they know, it was gone forever.

Middle class families became poor

Families lost almost everything they had.

Children followed their parents as they demand for jobs

People were very desperate for jobs

A mother and her children living in poverty

People were helpless in the 1930s

In the 1930s, a few positive changes began to happen. Many new innovations were made such as, new toasters, radios, and the creation of movies. These things became wildly popular. However, Americans lived quietly due to the Great Depression. They lacked money and had to live with what they had.

Brand new toasters!

Many inventions were built during this era

Brand new car for sale

More cars were being produced and sold.

Radios make life great!

Ads were popular and tricked people into buying things

During the 1930s women and African Americans began to gain rights. It was becoming more common to see black folks in the general public. Women were now commonly seen in the workplace. Small advances were being made to improve America.

Women are capable to do anything

Women wanted respect

Women off to work

Women were allowed to work.

Women gain rights

Women had more rights than ever.

On the other hand, farmers had a very rough time with the Dust Bowl and a surplus of crops during the 30s and 20s. No one bought their products which made them lose money, many became poor and homeless. All they were able to provide their families with were the surplus of food they had.

Dust Bowl storm hits hard

Farmers land destroyed from the Dust Bowl.

Children found after the Dust Bowl

This is an example of how the Dust Bowl ruined lives.

I believe that stockbrokers had the worst fate during the Great Depression. They put all of their money in the stock market and lost it all. They were unable to provide for their families, they couldn't put food on their tables. This caused many suicides and broken families. Things were really bad for these people and most of them became homeless.

Stockbrokers need jobs

Stockbrokers were broke and needed money to provide for their families.

Our country was in depression until Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected as president in 1933. He began to repair the nation. He led America out of the biggest economic depression ever. This is an example of how great of a president Franklin Roosevelt was. America had a problem and he solved it. The depression was not fully over until production for World War Two began. This is a story of a country that was thriving, then collapsed and found a way on top again.

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