The Life of a Musical Artist BY: Christian salazar

The beginning

Irving Berlin was a famous artist that started from May 11, 1888 – September 22, and was a famous American Composer at the time that made music lyrics and was born in Imperial Russia, Irving Berlin arrived in the United States at the age of five. He published his first song, "Marie from Sunny Italy in 1907 and only received only 33 cents from publishing rights. In the year 1911, He also was an owner of the Music Box Theater on Broadway.

Early life and career

Irving Berlin was born Israel Baline on May 11, 1888, in the village of Tyumen, Russia. His family fled to escape the region's persecution of the Jewish community and settled in New York City in the mid-1890s. As a teen, Baline worked as a street singer, and by 1906 he had become a singing waiter in Chinatown. His first published tune was 1907's "Marie From Sunny Italy," with Nick Nicholson penning the music. As the lyricist, Baline's name was misspelled as "I. Berlin" on the sheet music. He decided to keep the name, becoming Irving Berlin

When he became famous

He would become one of the most popular songwriters in the United States, with hits like "Alexander's Ragtime Band," "What'll I Do" and "White Christmas." In addition, when he made these three songs he became one of the most famous people in the United States because of how good these songs were.

Why he became a musical artist

Irving Berlin became a musical artist because he had a passion for music so when he was a teenager he started to play music on the streets for money and when he started to get familiar with the instrument he played he started to make and write his own music with the trombone and with the piano, he made classical piano music and jazz with the trombone but most of the time he spent time playing the piano.

In the world war

On April 1, 1917, after President Woodrow Wilson declared that America would enter World War I, Berlin felt that Tin Pan Alley should do its duty and support the war with inspirational songs. Berlin wrote the song, "For Your Country and My Country", stating that "we must speak with the sword not the pen to show our appreciation to America for opening up her heart and welcoming every immigrant group." He also co-wrote a song aimed at ending ethnic conflict, "Let's All Be Americans Now.

In the beginning of 1917Berlin returned to Tin Pan Alley after the war and in 1921 created a partnership with Sam Harris to build the Music Box Theater. He maintained an interest in the theater throughout his life, and even in his last years was known to call the Shubert Organization, his partner, to check on the receipts. In its early years, the theater was a showcase for revues by Berlin. As theater owner, producer and composer, he looked after every detail of his shows, from the costumes and sets to the casting and musical arrangements

When he died

Berlin died in his sleep on September 22, 1989 of a heart attack, in New York City at the age of 101. He was interred in the Wood lawn Cemetery in The Bronx, New York City. He was survived by three daughters: Mary Ellen Barrett, Elizabeth Irving Peters of New York, and Linda Louise Emmett, who lives in Paris. He is also survived by nine grandchildren: Edward Watson Emmett (born May 1968), Ellie Emmett, and Caroline Emmett from daughter Linda; Elizabeth Watson (born in 1954), Irving Barrett (born in 1955), Mary Ellie Barrett Lerner (born in 1956), and Katherine Sweet (born in 1960), from daughter Mary Ellen; and Emily Anstice Fisher (born Circa 1966) and Rachel, from daughter Elizabeth and six great-grandchildren Peter and James Watson; Benjamin Lerner; Rachel, Nicholas and William Sweet, Madeleine and Isabel Fletcher.

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