Northern Renaissance By: Billy & Shane

Three Facts...

  • The Northern Renaissance refers to the events that happened during the Renaissance in Europe outside of Italy
  • The most influential regions during the Northern Renaissance were Germany, Flanders, and the Netherlands
  • Although some of the patrons of Northern Renaissance artists were the leaders and elites, other patrons were the upperclass or wealthy middle class people

2 Facts About Durer

  • 21 May 1471 Nuremberg, Holy Roman Empire and died at 6 April 1528 (aged 56) in Nuremberg, Holy Roman Empire
  • He was known as a German painter and engraver
  • Today, many people are still highly influenced by the work of art of Albrecht Durer. He was called as one of the greatest artists in Northern Renaissance.

2 Facts About Holbein

  • Born in 1497, Augsburg, Germany and died in 1543, London, United Kingdom
  • He was an outstanding portrait and religious painter of the Northern Renaissance, was influenced by his father and by Hans Burgkmair.

2 Facts About Van Eyck

  • Born in 1390, Maaseik, Belgium and died in 1441, Bruges, Belgium
  • He is often considered one of the founders of Early Netherlandish painting school and one of the most significant representatives of Northern Renaissance art

2 Facts About Bruegel

  • Pieter Bruegel was a Flemish Renaissance painter. He is well known for his paintings of peasants and landscapes.
  • Born in 1525, Son en Breugel, Netherland then Died September 9, 1569, Brussels, Belgium

2 facts Christian Humanist

  • Unlike Christian humanism, religious humanism does not appeal to God's relationship to humans to justify our inherent dignity and liberty.
  • Religious humanism puts humanism first and religion second.

Christian Humanist 2 more facts

  • Humanism is evidently under considerable strain, perhaps a victim of its success.
  • Many humanists retain a high regard for Christianity, and many Christians agree with the essentials of humanism.

3 facts about Christine de Pizan

  • Born September 11, 1364 died 1430.
  • Born in Venice, Italy.
  • Christine de Pisan is considered a pioneering feminist writer and one of the most notable women writers of medieval times.

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