Solar system Planets

The solar system that we do not now that much about but we do not now a lot of our own home.

gases planets

That we have 4 gases planets

pluto is a part of the kuper belt

To find out that pluto is not planet no more.

all the red stars ,blue stars, yellow stars the ones we can not see.

That we ownly see the far stars not the stars that are closer. We see the white stars sometimes we see the red stars but more likely we will not see them with our own eyes .

Milky Way galaxy

Our solar system is made up of 1000 stars and close to 1 million galaxies but most of them have black holes in the middle.

The stars are a part of you on earth

The Solar System is made up of a sun in the middle with orbiting masses of planets,dwarf planets, orbital bodies and a thousand stars or more. To meet the requirements to be a planet with life you would have to have that's somewhat round planet with gravity and its own pathways clear for it to orbit

Our solar system

How we have life on earth is because were in the Goldilocks zone that means we are not to hot but not too cold we are just one right for life but Mercury is to cold to live in and Mars is too hot to have life

I Earth the world we love

Earth, our home, is the third planet from the sun. It is the only planet known to have an atmosphere containing free oxygen, oceans of liquid water on its surface, and, of course, life.


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