Reflective Journal W/C 6th march


I have finished my sprites for my main character. I plan to import them into Unreal as soon as possible. I have been thinking of adding some more animations, more specifically a slingshot. I took inspiration from the game Bully. I think that it would be better looking if it looks like my character is firing rocks from his slingshots rather than throwing them from his hand.


I have attempted to import my sprites into Unreal but it didn't import properly as not all the pixels were there. I will need go into Photoshop and colour over the sprites to ensure that it imports properly.

After colouring over the sprites it has finally imported into Unreal properly. I will now try and put the sprites into its own flipbooks to make the animations for them.


I have attempted to put my animations into flipbooks only to realise that i made a mistake with drawing the sprites so the sprites do not match up with one another, so i need to go back to my sprites and make sure that they will match up with each other.


I have used Photoshop to try and fix the sprites so they animate properly in my first attempt it has been unsuccessful. It hasn't worked out because I can't line them up correctly. I've tried to line the sprites up so they fit but that didn't work. I will continue to try and find a solution in the next week.

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