photo challenge june 2020

10th place - Carril Thomas - JUDGES COMMENTS: "Causes me to think, 'What is he feeling?'" :: "Sad, forlorn man trying to sell his colorful and happy looking art--what a contrast. You hope for him to sell it and wonder about his struggles. You are drawn to his expression as your gaze pushes past the shoulders in the foreground."
9th Place - Will Hoyler :: JUDGES COMMENTS: "Nicely lit, powerful image, culturally timely." :: "A great facial expression, could be excitement or yelling, probably many of us feel like doing this right now."
8th Place - Ted Wilcox :: JUDGES COMMENTS: "Pure, innocent elation." :: "A shot of pure joy. The little girl in red's expression is priceless." :: "Pure joy!"
7th Place - Kyle Post :: JUDGES COMMENTS: "Though we can’t see his face, we can still feel a sense of despair." :: "Great composition, location and body position." :: "There is a tension in this image. Is he sad? Is he anxious? Is he reverently praying? The absence of context in this is what makes it powerful."
6th Place - Selegna Diaz :: JUDGES COMMENTS: "The man's expression with the pigeons in the photo plus the colors creates a good balanced photo." :: "Love how he is just hanging out and enjoying the moment." :: "Love the low perspective here -- and the vibrant colors."
5th Place - David Eng :: JUDGES COMMENTS: "Cool lighting. Plus the pensive pose of the subject makes you feel just the right amount of emotion." :: "Great exposure, atmosphere, composition, and texture on the wall." :: "This image feels so deep! The expression and the contrast of the light shining through makes a wonderful composition. Emotion is not just with the person, but connects to the space as well."
4th Place - Billy Altman :: JUDGES COMMENTS: "Perfectly whimsical." :: "Just a great photo. I can see how it could have played out with the child wanting the tree and then not wanting the tree; great emotion." :: "I love everything about this photo: rich colors, centered composition, and blurred foreground/background. It's the strong juxtaposition of expected emotion and apparent emotion that sets it apart. Sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to.
3RD PLACE - TED WILCOX :: JUDGES COMMENTS: "The pure anguish on the man's face and the his caretaker's soft, caring hands--emotion like that can't be staged." :: "Moving to the point that you want to help." :: "This is so powerful. Human emotion in a still photo can be a tricky thing to capture, but there is so much here: in the patient I see pain and despair -- in the caregiver I see love and comfort -- but as the viewer, I feel compassion and anger. This is the power of art."
2ND PLACE - DANA BALL :: JUDGES COMMENTS: "I want to know his story. Why is he sad? Superb use of leading lines. Great choice to make it B&W to emphasize the sadness/forlorn look." :: "You can feel the isolation in this image." :: "There is room for others, but nobody is with him. The fences do a good job of isolating him from interaction with others."
1ST PLACE - MANDY PELTON :: JUDGES COMMENTS: "This captures so well what it might feel like to be alone. Activity around you but not including you. The light highlights the focus. Love it." :: "I appreciate that even though the colors are bright in this photo, you can still feel the loneliness of the little girl in the middle with everyone else around her." :: "I can FEEL the girl’s loneliness. The lighting in this is SUPERB." :: "Anticipation. Loneliness. Uncertainty. Hope." :: "Thoughtful and alone, the girl wearing yellow is nicely lit among colorful chatter and laughter of other children that fade in the background."