Sunday Memo February 5, 2017

Last night, I got the pleasure of hosting my college history professor, Bill Duvall, at the Dundee Bistro. It was so wonderful to see Bill and to catch up with 3 of my college classmates too. I was struck by the lasting power of relationships that are created and sustained in the classroom. Bill was an amazing professor - he just retired last year. - who encouraged, challenged and connected with his students. I was lucky enough to take several of his classes as a history major at Willamette University. Bill was the first teacher to ever give me a C on a paper - a life altering event! As an academic achiever, I wasn't used to anything under an A or B. Period. He snapped me out of my grade grubbing ways and held me accountable for what I understood, not what i could regurgitate. Bill inspired me to be the best history student I could be - and 35 years later I got to share a nice pinot noir with him. Life is cool like that sometimes. Never underestimate the power of the relationships you are developing in our classrooms, and the power of honest feedback for students. Having high expectations for all students and supporting them to dig deep is a great gift for you as a teacher and for your students. Maybe you'll find yourself across the table from one of them someday - and get to enjoy a toast of appreciation and respect. Remember, we can make a difference in the lives of our students everyday. What a privilege to inspire greatness in others. I know that Bill inspired me to be a better thinker and person. To learn more about Bill and his legacy at Willamette, here's the

Reminders for the week

  • Monday, Feb. 6 we have a scheduling meeting at the D.O. This meeting will bring our original members of the secondary scheduling team together to provide closure for the process. We have not officially made a decision yet, but we are getting closer. Thanks to all of the folks who gave feedback, our scheduling team members and our association representatives. This was a long, at times frustrating process. Thanks for hanging in there and sticking with it. We hope to make an announcement about the schedule this week.
  • We will host an AVID visitation on Tuesday, Feb. 7. Terra, our AVID regional coordinator, will drop into AVID classrooms and we will have a chance to debrief with her.
  • Our staff meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 7 from 3-4 PM. This staff meeting will focus on two topics: 1. Inclusion update with Ashley Lindsay, our secondary SpEd Instructional Facilitator. and 2. Epipen training with Annie Berger. If you have received Epipen training this year, you will not have to stay for this training.
  • This Wednesday late-start is a PLC late-start.
  • Friday, Feb. 10 is the first School Retool workshop sponsored by Stanford's dSchool staff. Casey, Cassandra and I will attend this workshop. I've asked Mike Alpert, an administrative intern from MVMS and Kari Sanders, the previous Sitka principal to cover for us. We will also be monitoring our cell phones and email as we can during the day. Thank you for supporting us as we dig into this learning together. We hope to bring back some great ideas to CV.
the salad bar at CVMS!

Our wonderful kitchen manager, Tina Senz and her kitchen crew were recognized this week for their commitment to providing fresh and healthy food for staff and students at CVMS. School lunch maven Dayle Hayes from School Meals That Rock and local partners, including the Oregon Dairy Council and Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon stopped by to eat lunch with our kids. They saw our amazing salad bar, with healthy and unusual offerings, including Rambuton, a fruit from SE Asia. They also got a chance to eat my favorite lunch meal at CV: chili and cinnamon rolls! In addition, Tina is going to provide staff with their very own salad bar experience in the the kitchen - with ingredients all set up. The cost is $4 and the food is fresh and healthy. Please consider trying one of Tina's famous salads.

Our “Intention Room” is becoming a reality through the work of Heidi Hopkins, our parent lead for the Kindness Matters initiative. Heidi had custom signs made for the different calming stations in the room that students can access when they are having a rough day. Each station provides research proven strategies that assist students in self-awareness and self-regulation. We also have some soft and comfortable seating in the space now too. It feels good to walk into this space and feel more relaxed and aware, even as an adult. I can’t wait to see how this transforms our disciplinary responses to students in crisis. Stop by and take a look at the new room design. If you have time, chill out and relax a bit in this calm and lovely space.

Heidi Hopkins is also leading our new UPSTANDER REVOLUTION initiative that starts this month. The goal is to transform our school into a community of UPSTANDERS, not bystanders. An UPSTANDER stands up for someone being treated poorly in our school environment. After two years of observation and listening to students and parents, we are ready to actively shift our school culture around bullying and unkind behavior. Our kick-off assembly is scheduled for February 17th. We are partnering with George Fox University and Peace Village on this outreach campaign. As part of the UPSTANDER REVOLUTION, students, staff and parents can recognize a student or staff member who stood up and made a difference through posting on or dropping a note in our counseling office.

Valograms are coming to CVMS. Emily Chlumak is coordinating this project and parent volunteers will be at all three lunches, February 9, 10 and 13. Students and staff can purchase a valogram and they will be delivered on Valentine's Day. Office Aides will deliver the valograms. In addition, we will also have helium balloons for purchase and delivery at the end of the day on February 14th. Please help us get the word out to students to support this project.

Have a great week and don't do the snow dance. Really!

cheers, Karen


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