The Great Flood Of 1993 by: alleigh JOHNSON

I chose to do the great flood of 1993, because i've always heard a lot of interesting facts about the event so i would like to learn more about it. In 1992, a flood was caused by a persistent weather patterns that produced storms over the same locations. Some areas in the upper midwest recieved more than 4 ft of rain, then rainfall totals surpassed 12 inches across the eastern dakotas. The flood was widespread covering 400,000 square miles and 9 states, with a record of 47 ft of rainfall.It eroded many islands, and erosion and deposition may suffer long-term loss of productivity. The 1993 and 1994 harvests were lost, soil throughout the entire region was saturated. 50,000 homes were destroyed and 50 people were killed. Different species responded to the 1993 flood in varying tolerance and different succession strategies. NOAA hydrologists had warned that a wet fall may occur in 1992, so the flood wasn't totally unexpected!


Created with images by Herb@Victoria - "Tijuana, Mexico" • Thomas Good - "Flood-2470"

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