Arroyo H.S. Choir Pat Schultz - pschultz@slzusd.org

Do you enjoy singing?

Do you want to learn to be a better singer?

If you enjoy working as a part of a team to create something wonderful, then choir is for you!

Spring Musical Revue

No prior choral experience is needed to be a part of this program – just a desire to create beautiful music with other people. Join us!

The choir performs at a variety of events throughout the year.

Trip to SF Opera
Spring Musical Revue

There are a multitude of benefits that come from creating music. Not only is it a release of emotion and expression, it also trains and shapes the mind. When making music, more parts of the brain become active than in ANY other academic class. With the billions of electric synaptic responses firing off at the same time, the brain becomes more efficient in organizing thoughts and patterns. Thus, the importance of music in raising the ability of people to think outside the box, to organize seemingly random information, to socialize, to listen, to work as a team, to work side by side with other people regardless of personal conflicts and interests. Everything they learn in music they transfer to their other classes. And most importantly, students connect on an emotional level and are able to more successfully sort out their thoughts. So much is gained by taking a music class in addition to it being a fun activity.

Spring Musical Revue
Join the Magic, Join the Fun, Join Choir!


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