Wildlife pollution by : brenden ehler

Wildlife pollution: There is a lot of pollution every where in our ecosystem. Every day it gets worse and worse some people are getting more aware of this but so much trash ends up in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Things are getting trapped in six pack holders and ect. There are becoming mutations and birth defects of creatures in body"s of water and on land. EX lake ray hubbard off of Rowlett rd a lot of trash ends up over there on that side of the lake but people came and helped pick up the trash and slowly got it cleaned up.

Game warrden: i would be a game warrden the reason is because i love being in the outdoors , and helping the wildlife and ecosystem i feel if we humans keep on trashing out the world and doing what were doing, we might loose our live stock and predators in the food chain and we need everthing to survive and to keep a balanced ecosystem. If i were to really get this job i fell i would change so much for the better.

The person i choose is Game warrden Clint Brown. I personally know this man in my oppinion he is a jerk to a certin point but he does care about the enviorment he does extra work to keep the lake he was at , clean. The lake we met at was lake RayHubbard he recently got relocated to another lake but the times i saw him he would clean up trash,ect. He gave lots of tickets to violaters of the law and trust me there were pleanty of them.


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