Canon 5DSR Tamron 28-300mm © soundimageplus

Below is a selection of images taken on the same day with the same camera / lens combination. Canon 5DSR + Tamron 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD Lens.

In terms of 'sexy' lenses 28-300mm superzooms come pretty far down the list. They are usually big, heavy, with slow maximum apertures and a huge optical compromise. But there is no denying they can be incredibly useful. For my stock photography work on a bright sunny day, the ability to shoot from wideangle to extreme telephoto with one lens can be a godsend, particularly on a cold day.

Sure, as I indicated lenses like this have neither the sharpness of a good prime, lack any kind of decent bokeh or allow low iso hand holding shooting in anything other than the brightest light. But given those restrictions I have a selection of focal lengths at my disposal that lets me shoot a range of images without breaking my back.

Like the majority of my Canon lenses I bought this one second hand.

David Taylor Hughes - soundimageplus

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