The Beast By Mutiny At Midnight

The Beast

2019 | Rock

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“You work your fingers down to the bone, but keeping your pay like getting blood from a stone. -- They are hungry and they want what's yours, to feed their soldiers and to feed their wars. -- They call it taxes and paying your share, they'll hold you at gunpoint and strip you bare."


  • The beast was recorded in its entirety in a 10X10 Jam Room by the band.
  • Guitarist & Vocalist Pinhead (Shannon Weaver) engineered and mixed the album.
  • Pinhead: "The Beast is a song written about the many over-reaches of govt power. The song explores topics such as the theft of our money, the brainwashing of our children, civil asset forfeiture, locking up the population for victim-less crimes, and starting and perpetuating endless wars. The state is out of control and those who do not see it will be consumed by the very beast that they feed."


Luke Tatum

"They call it fairness and doing what's right; Where I come from they call it a reason to fight." Taxes, baby. Taxes make the world go 'round...or so we're led to believe. But we must ask ourselves: is that really so apparent? Why do we believe this? Is it right to wish suffering on others so that we all suffer equally? Or, should we instead be glad when someone is not extorted? Maybe this qualifies for a moral debate, but it seems obvious to me: theft is wrong. Theft on a massive scale is wrong. Theft on a massive scale, perpetrated by a group of people who call themselves "the government" is wrong. Theft on a massive scale, perpetrated by a group of people who call themselves "the government" and get into office by popular vote...is STILL wrong.

Sherry Voluntary

I have a passion for great lyrics, and

“..But there is nowhere to hide from the beast invited by cannibals to attend their feast..”

is so very descriptive and riveting. Cannibals inviting to have you for dinner ...literally. What better way to describe State agents and how they feast upon you. The whole system is one big anthropophagite feast that could not happen without your blood sacrifice. The beasts of The State make no bones about devouring you so that they may live. The only way to kill this beast is to starve it. Ignore it, disobey, and practice agorism.

Nicky P

I will stand firm that the best time to create new libertarians is on the day someone receives their first paycheck. We've all gotten used to never seeing them thanks to direct deposit but there is something visceral about the moment you see in bold highlight that you were robbed and will be robbed for as long as you choose to try and be a productive member of society. Someone needs to make a greeting card introducing our young men and women to libertarianism at that exact moment. Be the creepy uncle send one to each of your nieces and nephews. Get them before the complacency and resignation can set in.

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Nicky P