Newsletter - Friday 11 September 2020

Chaplains' News

God is faithful – “Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations - Deuteronomy 7:9”

In the last 5 weeks we’ve been on a wellness lifestyle journey. The vision was to facilitate a sense of positivity through community in the midst of this pandemic. Our chapel program focused on a couple of key ingredients that build resilience in our faith and hopes for the future. We’ve also created opportunities for students to be involved in competitive activities surrounded by friends and support team. There was also opportunity for students to chill with their friends and food at the Friday Café. We’ve also been blessed to have students participate in bible studies run by our school chaplains to grow their knowledge and relationship with God. God has been faithful to provide our school community with talented and gifted students who contribute to the positive atmosphere of our school body.

As a school, we have deep interest with the wellbeing of our students. We know that God is faithful to provide and equip our students with biblical principles that will help them navigate through life from this generation and beyond. We want them to know that they are never forgotten and that Jesus is their faithful friend for life.

Whole School News

Staff Update

We are very pleased to welcome Dr David Faull as General Manager to the staff at Wahroonga Adventist School. Dr Faull has joined the team to work with staff in managing the transition over to a new Principal, who we hope to appoint over the course of next term. Welcome Dr Faull!

New School Website!

We are excited to share the news that Wahroonga Adventist School has officially launched a new website!! Feel free to take a peak - there are handy quick links to our School Calendar, Newsletters, Skoolbag and Seqta, you will find it all under the Parent Information section.

"Beanies 4 Brain Cancer" Mufti Day - Fri 18th September 2020

We are having a Mufti Day for all students to raise funds for the "Beanies 4 Brain Cancer" charity. In May 2015, Carrie Bickmore won the prestigious Gold Logie at the TV Week Logie awards, which she dedicated to her late husband Greg who passed away five years earlier following a 10-year battle with brain cancer. Carrie went on to form Carrie's Beanies 4 Brain Cancer Foundation which aims to raise desperately needed funds towards research into the horrible disease that is brain cancer. At Wahroonga this year we have been praying for baby Imogen, the child of a Pastor in one of our sister schools, who has been battling brain cancer since soon after her birth. We also know that many families in our school community have felt the hurt that comes with losing loved ones to cancer.

On September 18th students will be given the opportunity to wear mufti along with a beanie! Gold coin donations on the day will be given directly to the "Beanies 4 Brain Cancer" charity. The Friday lunch time café run by our student leaders is also donating all proceeds to the cause. Students can bring a gold coin to buy lemonade and cookies while enjoying music and performances by their peers.

Jump Rope for Heart

Students in Years Prep to 6 commenced their Jump Rope For Heart campaign at the beginning of last week and will continue skipping through to the end of Term 3. They are jumping during PE and sport. During this time, you can share their online fundraising page with family and friends to help raise money for this great cause. Just click on the link below and click Join School to add your child.

We will hold our School Jump Off Day on Friday 25th September along with the Junior School Day of Worship, this will mark the end of the program and is a chance for everyone to come together to skip and show off their newly learned skills.

The school has already raised $1528.55. Well done!

Junior School News

A Note From Mrs Deppeler

I have been visiting the classrooms this week and I have enjoyed seeing the amazing work that the students are producing. I find that listening is such a valuable tool in connecting with the students and I learn so much about each of the students through simply listening.

As the weather has begun to get a little warmer, students often take off jackets and jumpers. Please check that your child’s clothing still has a visible label so that it can be returned to them if misplaced. Thank you to the parents who have helped us to maintain this standard.

I loved hearing about the student's favourite book characters in the last challenge. Well done. For those who still like to complete the challenges that I have been posting on Seesaw, I will be posting a challenge into your child’s folder on a fortnightly basis this term. These challenges are not compulsory and are in addition to any work set by the class teacher. Once completed please upload and post to Mrs Deppeler's Weekly Challenge folder on your child’s class homeroom page in Seesaw.

What is your favourite sport challenge?

This week’s challenge requires you to share your favourite sport. You can either draw a picture, write or provide a video explanation outlining what it is and why it’s your favourite. I look forward to what you come up with. See your learning journal in Seesaw for more details.

“When you talk, you are only repeating something you know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” Dalai Lama

Upcoming Junior School Events

Moving Bodies (P-6)

This term moving bodies will be providing our Junior School students with valuable skills in athletics. Students will participate in a variety of activities to further their skill development and enhance their overall abilities. These sessions will be conducted over two days, Tuesday and Friday, and each child will participate on one of these days.

Basketball Coaching (Stage 2 & 3)

For the remainder of the term, our stage 2 and 3 students who registered, will be participating in basketball coaching sessions during their lunchtimes each Friday. The students will be learning new skills and building on prior knowledge during each session.

Middle & Senior School News

Year 9 Invictus Wellbeing Day Activities

Our Year 9 students have been taking part in an outdoor journey experience this week (in replacement of the Year 9 camp) that will contribute towards the Journey and Mastery components of the Invictus Wellbeing Program and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students were allocated into 4 small groups based on their preference and need, and have been participating in a range of different activities including single day walks within Kuring-gai Chase National Park, Marramarra National Park, Lane Cove National Park and Brisbane Waters National Park. Thankfully the rain cleared and students enjoyed having a healthy outlet to destress, strengthen their relationships and clarify their goals.

Year 6 Science Class

The Year 6 Science class are starting to harvest their snow peas which they planted a few months ago. They are also having fun participating in Matter Detective activities to learn about the world around them.

Middle & Senior School Teacher Update

We are pleased to announce that Mr Fui has joined the teaching staff at Wahroonga Adventist School. Mr Fui will be teaching our Year 7, 8 & 9 Science classes and Year 7 & 8 Maths classes, replacing Mr Jones who has left the school due to personal reasons.

Upcoming Middle & Senior School Events

Year 11 Preliminary Exams

The examination period will run from Wednesday 9th September to Wednesday 16th September 2020.

If students arrive to school early they must sign in at the School Office. Any student who is unable to attend an exam must notify the School Office that morning and complete an Illness/Misadventure form.

Students must be in attendance at school for their scheduled examination. At other times, attendance is not compulsory. The majority of examinations will be held at Fox Valley Community Centre.

The Examination Timetable and rules can be found in SEQTA under School Documents. Examination conditions apply at all times. Students must read and understand the rules and conditions for examinations. Students must wear full school uniform and must arrive at least 10 minutes before the examination. We assume that students attending a morning examination will go home afterwards to study.

All students are expected to return to normal classes on Thursday 17th September.

We wish the students the best of luck in their examinations.

Wahroonga Basketball Training

Wahroonga Basketball Training will recommence on Monday 15th of September.

Due to Covid restrictions there will be split sessions for Middle School (Years 5 - 8) and Senior School (Years 9 - 11).

Junior School students have the opportunity to join the Hornsby Basketball Association's current Friday lunch time training.

The Monday afternoon session will take place outdoors, on the new basketball courts.

The Middle School session (3.30pm - 4.30pm) will be capped at 20 participants. Priority will go to students currently registered with a local team and playing in a local basketball competition. Students will then be given positions on a first in best dressed policy.

The Senior School session (4.30pm - 5.30pm) will be capped at 20 participants. Priority will go to students currently registered with a local team and playing in a local basketball competition. Students will then be given positions on a first in best dressed policy.

Requests to join a session should be emailed through to Mr. Starrett - chris.starrett@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au

Middle & Senior School Parent/Teacher Interviews - Wed 16th and Thurs 17th September 2020

Bookings are now open for Parent/Teacher Interviews to be held on Wednesday, 16th and Thursday, 17th September. Interviews will be conducted online via Zoom.

When booking please enter your child's full name. Please discuss with your child who their teachers are so you can make the appropriate bookings. It is not a requirement to see every teacher, you are welcome to make bookings with only those teachers you really wish to see.

Please click here to access the booking system. The event code is pwruy.

Given some Teachers cover multiple years, on occasion their appointment schedule may be full. In the event this happens please contact your child's teacher to setup an appointment for another time.

Teacher email addresses follow the format of firstname.surname@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au.

Bookings for interviews will close on Tuesday, 15th September at 8pm.

Year 7 Vaccinations - Wednesday 23rd September

NSW Health will be coming to School on 23rd September to administer the second dose of the HPV vaccine to our Year 7 students. Can you please ensure students wear their full sports uniform to school that day. If you have any questions please contact studentservices@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au

Art Competition - Years 5 to 11

The due date for students entering the Art Competition is now Friday 16th October (the first week back in Term 4). Please submit your entries to Mrs Anita Kim in Art Lab 2.

All submissions must have the following labelled at the back of you artworks-

Your full name, year group , title of artwork and medium used.

Themes to base artworks on:

  • Yrs 5&6 - A self portrait of an inspirational person in your life.
  • Yrs 7&8 - Modern and contemporary style art of any subject.
  • Yrs 9&10 - Photography inspired by a bible verse of God’s creation.
  • Yr 11 - Free choice.

We look forward to accepting the art entries so start getting creative! Yes, there will be a prize reward for every category.

Please forward any enquiries to: anita.kim@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au

Term Dates for 2020

  • Term 3 - Thursday 23rd July 2020 - Friday 25th September 2020
  • Term 4 - Monday 12th October 2020 - Thursday 10th December 2020

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Zoe C (KE), Callan H (1L), Joshua P (1S), Sparsh K (2M), Japuji K (5C), Hugh A (1L), Aimee D (1L), Oliver C (1S), Nathan S (5C), Sam T (2B), Ian W (2B), Jeremy W (2B), Holly F (3T), Ryan J (4H), Aiden P (3T) and Alexander M (8W) who have all finished the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Good job!

PLEASE NOTE: The Premier’s Reading Challenge has now finished for 2020!! Congratulations to the 145 students who completed this year’s challenge. Any books read from now on can count towards the 2021 challenge, so please remember to keep a list of the books you have read so you can enter them when the PRC website becomes active again in March next year. Please ensure you keep a record of your username and password as these will be needed for each year you complete the challenge.

Last Week of Borrowing for Prep

This week is the last week of borrowing for Term 3 for Prep students. Please ensure all books are returned to school before the end of the Term. Thanking you.

Book Week - 19 to 23 October 2020 - Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

We have some exciting celebrations planned for Book Week this year which will be taking place in Week 2 of Term 4, 19-23 October.

Carnival Books Virtual Book Fair

Running from 19-23 October you can shop at our Carnival Books Virtual Book Fair from the comfort of your own home. Support our school whilst purchasing great literature for your kids at discounted prices. The website and a school code will be made available closer to the date.

Dress-Up Friday

Our Book Week dress-up day will be held on Friday, 23 October for our Primary School students. The theme will be ‘Curious Creatures’ so get thinking about some of God’s more weird and wonderful creations, from the aardvark to the zigzag salamander - let your imaginations run wild!

Book Week Performance: ‘The Greatest Discovery’

We have opted for the virtual presentation for our yearly Book Week Performance and the Primary School students will now be viewing the performance during Book Week.

Library WebApp

The library WebApp is a great place to keep track of your child/ren’s library loans, search the catalogue and read about upcoming library events. You can access it from any device at bit.ly/waslibrary. Instructions on how to log in to your child/ren’s personal details are on the home page.

Home and School

Home and School Survey Snapshot

Thank you to the 132 families that gave their valuable insights to help direct the activities of the Home and School. You told us that we should focus parent master classes on:

• Appropriate technology use.

• How to talk to your kids so they will respond.

• How to have conversations with teachers and engage with the school when things aren’t going well.

Watch this space for how we can work together on these areas. One family summed it up beautifully, “It’s also important for me to feel that my child’s friend’s families are on the same page as me with some of the above issues. H&S hosting these types of events opens up the opportunity for parents to discuss their approaches together in a casual way.”

We know that life is busy and you confirmed that by saying that being busy with work and timing of the meeting were the barriers to coming to Home and School meetings. We hope to use Zoom in future for the meetings to help more families to be involved.

Thanks for telling us how you found last year’s events and your ideas for better involvement in the future:

• Separate Junior and Senior School events.

• Get a class representative from each class and grade.

• More year based events to meet families and parents.

• Let the kids vote on the school event.

Thanks for your input and ideas, we are working on COVID safe events and parent masterclasses.

Dad's Campout

Dad’s Campout has to be cancelled for 2020 due to Covid restrictions but we are planning a contingency event which should still be loads of fun. So stay tuned....

Gingerbread House Competition

In Term 4 we will be offering families the chance to buy a $25 Gingerbread House pack! Families can build a Gingerbread house at home and send a photo in to Home and School - we will be having various categories that will be judged for prizes! Watch out for the flyer with all the details on how to purchase.

Meals with Love

If you know a school family in need of a home-cooked meal, then please email us. Due to the current climate we cannot accept donations of meals, however we would gladly welcome any donations of dry food such as packets of pasta, microwave rice and garlic bread which we can add to our meals. Donations can be delivered to the School Office. All meals will continue to be prepared by Meals with Love and the Canteen.

We thank you for your continued support!

Nicola - nicolasweetman@gmail.com

Tish - tishiarmstrong@hotmail.com


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