Making A Monster By Siarra hirose, kye winn and sakura tanabe

Project Outline: We have to build a monster and make it move using anamatronics. Before we build it, we need to plan and after we build it we need to reflect. The whole process of making the monster, we should be making and Adobe Spark Page and recording everything that we are doing.

Definition of a Monster

My definition of a monster is any type of creature, human or animal who does cruel, evil things. Monsters are usually scary but some monsters can look normal but have a mean personality.


What I see a monster as:

Case Studies

There are lots of times where really good animatronics have helped a movie win awards. For example, in 1995, John Cox was the Visual Effects Academy Award Winner and was a BAFTA Award Nominee for Best Achievement in Special Effects. Both of these were for his work in Babe. Another example of famous animatronics is when Carlo Rambaldi designed the E.T. figure which was used in Steven Spielberg's movie E.T. It was capable of 150 different movements including many different facial expressions, neck, hand, and of course, finger movements.

Ideas for our Monster

Our group didn't really have a specific way of thinking of ideas, we just came up with things we wanted our monster to be like. We would just come up with different things and we tried them all. For example, we thought about maybe making our monster have a random sequence of movements so that every time its actions were different. We also thought about just making it have three different actions. To be able to decide which idea we wanted to use, we would think of the difficulty and process of that idea.

Our Monster

Our monster is designed to be around 15 centimetres tall and 15 centimetres wide. We are going to use legos. It is going to be a robot/monster so it will belong to a sci-fi/horror movie. Our monster will be able to do three basic movements like spinning its arm. It will also have an ultrasonic sensor which will make it able to stop whenever something is in front of it. We will just do whichever colours the lego materials come in as we cannot paint over the legos. The robot will also be able to move backwards, forwards and spin. We will add some type of protective shell that can be made of something like a styrofoam cup.

Our monster is from a massive civil war that took place on mars and it's legs were blown off during a devasting nuclear explosion. It was far enough away for its whole body not to get damaged, but the nuclear fumes spread rapidly, contaminating the creature and turning it into the hideous beast it is. But with these looks came supernatural abilities. By sacrificing certain parts of its body, it was able to manipulate itself to make itself become apart of any object the creature chose. Firstly, the creature chose to sacrifice the remains of its legs and combined itself to a car, giving it the ability to roll anywhere it wished. Secondly, it sacrificed its right arm combining it with a mining drill, in order to mine for iron and other useful ores. Thirdly, it sacrificed its eyes for special eyes that can sense when it gets close to a wall so it can stop and not run into it . Through the chemical mutation, it lost most of its abilities to speak and can only say the two words; okay and okie dokie. The robot also has a shield which is made out of metal which is used as a protective shell.


We programmed our robot using the Lego Mindstorms Programming app. We programmed it to move forwards and backwards, to make its drill hand spin and to use the ultrasonic sensor to sense when the robot comes close to a wall or an object in front of it, it will spin 180 degrees and continue on in a loop.


When prototyping, our group got out the box of legos and we just put random things with each other to test different parts with each other. We made different things each time using a different variety of the lego parts. An example is when we were testing out the wheels. We didn't get to do too much prototyping but we did get to have a look at all of the legos so we get an idea of the things our monster can be made from.

This was when we were testing out wheels we could use for our monster. We added the ball at the front and the two motors so it could turn.

This is another test we did for a different type of wheels.

This is the front view of a version of a robot we chose to build. It's arm rotated and it could move forwards and backwards but it could not turn. We had a sensor at the top which was just for decoration. They were used as the eyes.

This is the side view of a robot we build. It only had one motor do it could not turn.

This is when we added the ultrasonic sensor. We got the robot to stop whenever it came within 2cm of a wall or object.

This is once we added some stuff on the outside. We added some foam cups as a shield. We also added pom poms and cotton balls inside the cups do that they wouldn't slip.


I have done robotics before which helped me work with the legos. Also, some of my knowledge I learnt from being in engineering last year helped. What I knew from technology was helpful as well because the monsters are electronic.

It took us a long time to be able to plan because we were having trouble thinking of ideas. Once we thought about what we actually wanted to build, it was much easier. We started to think about what we were going to do before just randomly building something.

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