Eloise Pruitt

AP Psychology and Psychology Teacher at Alfred M. Barbe High School

Bachelor of Arts in History from Louisiana State University

Master of Arts in Teaching from McNeese State University

Certified in Secondary English and Social Studies

Academically Gifted Certification from McNeese State University

ISTE Certification in progress

Advanced Placement Certification in Psychology from Rice University

Highly Qualified Teacher Evaluation Score


CPSB Blackboard Mentor

BHS Executive Student Council Assistant Sponsor

BHS Leadership Team Member

BHS Social Media

CBS Lake Charles Eye on Outstanding Teaching Award Recipient

CPSB Social Studies Inservice Team Member

Former CPSB English Curriculum and Inservice Team Member

Former CPSB Technology Showcase member

Presenter at CPSB Inservices, TNT, LACUE, & TCEA

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Eloise Pruitt

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