Treasurer's Report Karen Macallister

Current Balance: $8172.01

Club revenues were generated from new memberships and club Social Events. We are exceptionally pleased at the acceptance and impact of the club's social events and activities. It has always been our intent to promote our community's social side of tennis, for both members and non-members alike, with quality events that are not profit-centric. We feel club sponsored events should represent The Players to be a socially active entity, designed to reflect the club's "brand" and commitment to creating a fair and inclusive environment. While protecting our budget, the club netted $150 from social activities.

Our total revenue for this period was $4,143.56. Revenues are derived from new memberships, social event fees and sponsorship.

Of course, the club incurs expenses. The cost of conducting our events for the reporting period was $3,560.84, with transaction (bank credit card) fees of $118.45 and a promotional expense of $62.54,

As you may recall, the pledge drive utilized promotional incentives encouraging long term commitments and greater financial contributions helping fund our efforts. Those incentives included multi-year memberships, tickets to the Miami Open, entries to the Davis Cup, The Players caps and The Players bag tags. All pledge commitments have been fulfilled and our current financial balance reflects the recent expenses incurred, $2,726.44.

  • Previous Balance - 12/13/16: $10,496.72
  • Total Revenue: $4,143.56
  • Total Expenses: ($6486.27)
  • Account Balance: $8,172.01

John Thawley will now present our 2017-18 Activities Calendar.

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