Philosophy MEADOW FOOR


I'm excited to blow people's minds and learn how to better my arguments with logic and my thoughts. I'm worried I'm just going to make a big fool of myself, because I tend to do that from time to time.

"The unexamined life is not worth living"

If you don't think about and focus on stuff in life then there's no purpose to living the life.

January 20th

Ten Commandments Of Philosophy

1. Allow yourself to think freely without restraints. It means to me that I can think about what I want about anything no matter how deep the thoughts may be.

2. Don't believe every thought that you're told or is given to you until you see the evidence.

3. The truth is our friend.

4. Look at each individual theory and examine each one

5. Collect evidence to support your argument.

6. Look at the flaws in your case to perfect it and make it flawless.

7. Look back over your theories and make them better

8. Make it simple for the majority to understand.

9. Speak only the truth and nothing but the truth

10. Live by your morals, the morals are what make a person who they are.

January 31st

Who would you have followed? Confusions? Buddha? Laozi?

I would've followed Buddha because I do that anyway, but I like the beliefs and the philosophy of it and how it focuses on living a good life by achieving your goals.

February 2nd

What Socrates meant by wisdom is that it's knowledge, and what made him wise was that he knew he didn't know something and he was well aware that some things were unknown to him. I can apply this to my own life because I am still young and there are things that I don't know about still, so I go to people who do know what they are talking about and are confident about there statements.

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