Refugee from Syria By natHan ellis

I'm from Syria and I'm leaving soon to go to Turkey #I'mout

I'm on my bike and going over the border #crossingtheborder

I have arrived in turkey, now I need to rest #sleep

Today I'm going to see people from UNHCR so I can get help #UNHCR

The UNHCR took my name then asked where I came from why I fled then I was able to leave and hope for the best #hope :)

About a week later they called and asked if they could interview me, I'm so excited but nervous at the same time # let'sgo!

It's been about a month and nothing yet, hopefully I get a call and everything went well. #waiting

About a month and a half homeland security called me to ask for another interview this time they took my finger print, that was new to me #fingerprints

About 2 weeks later they called again they said"good news you passed!" "We want you to go to a American culture class and a medical screening" I said 'okay!" #pumped

I'm on a plane to America to meet my matched u.s volunteer agency. I passed everything and now I'm almost there #America

I arrived in America and now I have to do MORE security screenings one from "customs and border protection" and then "Transportation security administration" #annoyed

I waited 2 years for more screening because I'm from Syria after that I have to wait 1 more year for a green card after that I have to wait 5 more years to be a official us citizen then I'll be free #freedom

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Nathan Ellis

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