October 2019 | Issue XVII


12/4 - Share a Night


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Triumphant at the Triumph Party

Friday 9/13 was a night to remember for the children, filled with balloons, dancing, games, and even a dash of magic. Shirley from the Friday night team led the charge, transforming both the dining and the living room into a true Friday night party.

A pirate told jokes that had the children giddy with glee -- the proof is in the photos. Afterwards, the DJ had the children, and even some parents, bustin' a move.

A big thank you to Triumph Construction, Shirley Jacobs and the Friday night team for a true triumphant night to remember.

Submitted by Coli Bacharach

Sorry! (But Not Sorry!)

Tuesdays are always a fun time at the House, especially when it’s GAME NIGHT! The Tuesday Night team transformed the playroom into a room full of games for the whole family! Some of the fan favorites included Sorry!, large Jenga, Monopoly Deal, and Battle Ship.

The front of the playroom turned into a giant version of Twister, and the kids definitely showed off their flexibility against our less agile volunteers!

We are so excited to see what the Tuesday Night team brings for the rest of the fall activities!

Submitted by Kelly Chu

Neumans & Broadway Class Room

On Tuesday, October 1st, Neuman's catered a meal fit for kings for the families at the house. That was just the beginning of the fun! Shortly after dinner, families headed down to Macy's Living Room, where seats were set up auditorium-style for performances by several seasoned Broadway professionals. Not only were they talented, but they were also extremely passionate about what they do.

The families had a chance to hear them sing and act out their favorite songs with live piano accompaniment. Not only that, we got to hear from them more personally through a Q&A session at the end.

What may have been the kids' favorite part was the dance parties that began and ended the fun evening. Getting to speak personally to the Broadway stars and take photos with them will for sure go down in their memory books. A fun time was had by all!

Submitted by Sarah Seehafer

Unicorn Party!

Thursday night at the house served up a whimsical explosion of rainbows and glitter for a Unicorn Party! Kids took part in pin-the-tail on the unicorn, majestic themed tattoos and best of all, face painting!

Our make-up artist extraordinaire created wolves, super-heros, skeletons and of course a unicorn or two.

With October around the corner, tonight’s party got everyone in the mood for Halloween fun!

Submitted by Liz Lighthall

Tuesday Night Superheroes!

Tuesday night the house was bustling with excitement. First up, everyone had a delicious meal provided by Virtu financial- a team that has been bringing dinners to the house for almost 10 years! The food was delicious and the warm energy of the volunteers serving was infectious.

After dinner everyone was invited downstairs for arts and crafts. The Tuesday night team had create your own super hero mask and other miscellaneous crafts for the kids to have fun with.

The kids had a blast crafting, playing ping pong and there was even a dance party!

Submitted by Kelly Quane

Project Runway Comes to the Playroom!

It was a Red Carpet night in the playroom on Thursday night. Celebrities, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors,and Zack Posen (AKA Volunteers Bryan Auld, John Rohs and Mike Conti) along with DJ Biggs created an exciting atmosphere for the models and got the night started with music while the models were getting glammed up. Each model had a personal designer to create a one of a kind toilet paper dress!

There were pre interviews by Tim Gunn with the models and designers. The models were led down the runway by none other than the beautiful Ali McDaniel.

The final decision was unanimous all our models were winners!

Submitted by Helena Russo

Halloween Spinners

The playroom was full of fun on Tuesday night with the Tuesday Night Volunteer Team, the kids were excited to make Halloween spinners.

The classic toy was made with cd disc’s a plastic knob and lots of Halloween decorations for customized designing.Once complete it was time to spin away!

Submitted by Helena Russo


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A special thank you to our Communications Volunteer Team who attend all of these events to help capture our family and volunteer stories!