Youth Sports & Tech By: Caleb Cooley, Erik Cuatlacuatl, Wes Boone, and Zach See

Go Play Outside they said...

Or maybe not...

What's The Problem?

According to the Project Play Website, children spend way too many hours in front of some sort of technology.
More than one in three parents say it is a challenge to make sure their children get enough exercise (RWJF/Harvard School of Public Health, 2016).
Only 40 percent of kids between the ages six and twelve regularly played team sports in 2013, down from 44.5 percent in 2008, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.

Technology has become such a big part of our everyday lives and we rely on it for a lot of things. On June 30, in 2016, a survey was taken on internet usage around the world. The survey results showed that America makes up 4.9% of the population of the world and 89% of our population in America uses technology (Miniwatts,2016).


We are not aiming to get rid of technology we are wanting to incorporate technology into getting youth to be more involved and experimental in learning the fundamentals of new sports and to get them exposed to some sort of physical activity.

Technology should not replace effective teaching, but it can be viewed as an effective supplement to appropriate pedagogical practices (Trout & Christie, 2007).
We plan to provide an easily accessible app for the children to reach on their phones and give them a feel of some of the same things famous athletes use.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Litman and his peers with the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), fitness app users are more likely to participate in various types of exercises, a lot of the exercise being sports (JIMR, 2015).

For our app, keeping in mind that this will be used by kids or at least have parents use it with their kids, we are looking to make an app that teaches kids rules of the different sports, the way the sports are played, and allowing them to watch film.

What we will need?

We will have to do a lot of research on what customers like about different apps that they already use. Figuring out how we can integrate what they like about other ones, and since our target market will be youth we will mainly acquire information of what they would like in an app suitable for them.

We look into existing versions of fitness/sport apps and improve our product that way we will know what works best for them and their users.

The app will cover various amount of sports. Sports from all over the world, sports that no one has any idea about, and worldwide sports.

how to promote our product

The answer is simple...we will start local and then think about nationwide.

We will market using professional athletes.Kids nowadays idolize so many famous athletes that if their favorite athlete is doing something, the kids are going to want to do the same thing to be just like their idol. It will sometimes make these kids believe that if their favorite athlete is playing professionally in a sport that it makes them want to buy in and get to that level.

make this happen for our youth sports

The importance of participation in youth sports is not just to have kids out playing sports, it’s having the kids get involved with other kids creating memories, and not just making parents happy. It’s also making sure that kids at a young age are healthy and getting exercise to increase the physical health so they can live a healthy life. There are many ways that people can have the opportunity to improve the participation levels in youth sports, and this is one way that our group believes it can improve, and we have full faith that it can work.

" For the experience, for the memories, for the love of the game." -Scheels


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