Photography Digital Portfolio Andrea Vargas

I decided to take photography class because, I thought it was interesting looking at different pictures and wondering how photographers edit and take them. I hoped to learn different ways to edit pictures and types of photography.
A topic that we have learned is Depth of Field, which means how much if your image will be sharp. The smaller the aperture opening, the greater depth of field. My first image, I have a Longer Depth of Field because I used an aperture of f10 and a shutter-speed of 1.0 second. For my second image, I have Shorter Depth of Field because, I used an aperture of f4.5 and a shutter-speed of 1/6 sec. As the aperture opening gets smaller, the depth of field increases and more of the scene from near to far appears sharp in your image.
Another topic we learned about lighting. Light can affect the appearance of your image. You can use different lightnings to get the effect you want. In my image, I used side lighting, so there is catch light in both eyes, shadows, and key-light.
After we took our pictures we learned how to optimize our photos. The photo on the left is not optimized and the right photo is optimized. I used the spot healing brush tool to help fix the blemishes on the perfume bottle, such as scratch marks. I used the burn and dodge tools to make areas of my image appear brighter and darker.
I thought I learned the most from Project 2: HDR images. I learned that you can take the same picture with different exposures and combine them together to create one image. In the image, you can see details in your highlighted area and your shadows.
I would most likely try Project 6: Composition Image again because, I didn't have an overall idea of how my photo was going to look like. I could have spent more time on it and explored with a variety of textures.

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