Great Barrieir Reef Gianne Donovan


Some of the animals like the Dugongs and Turtles have been apart of the Aboriginal culture for very long. Matthew Flinders was the named the Reef the Great Barrier Reef. There are 30 shipwreck sites that are historic on the Great Barrier Reef. For over 60,000 years the traditional connections have been apart of the maritime culture. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the two indigenous groups of Australia. Aboriginal people are the first Australians and are the oldest civilisation in the world. In December 2008, the Australian Government committed $10 million over five years toward the land and sea country indigenous partnerships program. Environment of the Great Barrier Reef, 1625 types of fish. Indigenous people see themselves as a part of nature and many view animals as their equals. These spirits then created all life on earth- the plants, animals and people. The Great Barrier Reef almost lost half it's coral cover since 1985 and it's under pressure from climate change. They also do illegal fishing. The Great Barrier Reef stretches more than 2300 kilometres along Queensland's coastline and is made up of 3000 individual coral reefs.

I will show a before and after pic to show what the Great Barrier Reef looks like today.


Indigenous people have their own stories about the origins of the world, their people and all the living things. If this is correct, the descendants of the Gagudju may have occupied the area for at least 50,000 years. The land and its features are therefore sacred to Aboriginal people. The land and the life forms it supports are seen as a sacred trust, to be cared for and passed on to future generations. The Great Barrier Reef is the only living organic visible from Earths orbit. The reef is filled with gorgeous islands and idyllic coral cays and they cover more than 300,000 square kilometres. Matthew Flinders charted a safe passage by sending smalls boats to sound the depths. The passage still remains and is know as the Flinders passage. The Great Barrier Reef is located in the coral sea just off the coast of Queensland, Australia.


The reef structures themselves but will also crumble if the reef growth does not keep pace with erosion by animals and the weather. The reef has adapted to the impacts of cyclones and severe storms. An increase in severe cyclones could contribute to the degradation of the reef as it has been already weakened by coral bleaching and ocean acidification. Tourism, fishing, boating and shipping are all legitimate uses of the Marine Park. The reef is also one of the most healthy topic marine Eco-system in the world. Climate change is the most threat to the Great Barrier Reef.


They are approximately $200 million for the reefs health. They are trying to focus to improve coastal habitat and water quality. The industry groups and more groups are investing more than $45 million over six years for the Great Barrier Reef Gully and streambank joint program to tackle run-off by fixing gullies and streambanks in high erosion areas.


The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest structure on the planet. They are incredibly rich and diverse. It stretches over 2300 kilometres, it's so large that can be seen from outer space. The Great Barrier Reef extends over 14 degrees of latitude from shallow estuarine areas to deep oceanic waters. The reef includes around about 3000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, 300 coral crays and about 150 inshore mangrove islands.


By Gianne Donovan


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