Messi By: Liam Ignacio, Gavin cox, and Jack walters


Messi is going up against the United States, and it’s turning into an intense match. Messi tries his hardest to win the game, but he faces through many challenges. When he tries to score, the ball gets taken away from him. When he tries to run they hurt him. Will Messi win, or get hurt trying?


Messi was small

Although all

Of his skill

That made him a drill

So he ruled all

Except ronal(do).

Good Start

They got on the field

He was perfectly healed

He was ready to play

Down at the bay

Messi had the ball

He kicked


Getting Behind

Messi had cleared his mind

But then fell behind

It was 1-0

But now it was 1-1

He needed to up his game

So he wouldn't get blamed

But it was all the same


Needed Opportunities

Messi was feeling the heat

His heart skipped a beat

He needed to aim

For the goal

So they could win the game

But he missed

Help in Need

It was not usually like this

Messi wondered if this was a dream

He wanted some ice cream

But it was not true

He needed to pull through

To meet his goal

He would have to take roll

Harsh Conflicts

Messi was doing good

Until he got hit good

He was so close

Until he froze

Near the goal

Then the goalkeeper stole

The ball

Take a Break

Messi was sent to the bench

So he could quench

his thirst

His muscles were about to burst

Which showed he was cursed

He wanted to play

But he wasn’t ready to show his way

He was stuck for now

Faith in Messi

His team would collapse

Without him

The other team was like a trap

They were after the ball

They were like a wall

Guarding the goal

They were on patrol

Comeback Time

It was 2-3

And getting worse

They needed him now

He would not allow

Them to score again

Suarez got hurt

Messi had to

Get back in the game

Tying Up the Game

He faced his fear

To get back in the game

He dribbled the ball

Into the goal

Juked the goalie

And shot



Winning Score

Messi got the ball

He passed the wall

Into the goal he scored

There goes the crowd they roared

He felt like a hero


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