Jessie Owens

His child hood

Jessie Owens was born on September 12th 1913. As a boy his parents were share croppers and until Jessie Owens or J.C Owens which is what his family called him. By the time he 9 years old his family had moved to Cleveland Ohio which his mother said would be a better life and compered to what his life had been like before it was. In 1927 Jessie Owens attended Fairmount Junior High were he met a track team coach named Riley he got so close with coach Riley that he started calling him pops. Coach Riley coached Jessie to be the best track runner he could possibly be.

The track team at Jessie Owens high school

His time at the Olympics

When Jessie Owens was in the Olympics the games were held in Berlin Germany. At the time Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazi army thought all blacks and Jews were inferior and many people also thought that but Jessie and many others proved him wrong by doing amazing in Olympic games. Also why at the games Jessie set a world record and tied for a Olympic record. He shook the hand of a German jumper that came in second place.

Later on in his life

Once he returned from Berlin he sat at the front of a parade and was welcomed back to the to the united states. But he said that when he returned that he couldĀ“t live were he wanted to. He also wrote a two books that expressed his feelings about blacks not having the same rights as whites. He was given by president Gerald r. Ford the presidential medal of freedom. Sadly he died of lung cancer on march 31st 1980.

Jessie wining a track race

My personal look at Jessie Owens

As I was finding info about Jessie Owens I found one quote and what it said was this in order for dreams to come true it takes work and it really does. Nothing happens over night or like magic if you want something to happen you need to do it. Jessie Owens really gave people the spirit to do so. And as close I want to say I hope you all learned something that if you try you can do anything.

Jessie Owens statue

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