My Ideal Career-Midwife by colleen mcreesh

why I want to be a midwife

I want to be a midwife because I would love to work with babies and children

What a midwife needs

A midwife needs to have an understanding and caring attitude, emotional and mental strength and patience and maturity

What I need to study

Typically you need 5GCSEs at a c grade or above, 2 A levels and I need to study English science maths and possibly biology

Where I would work

I would work in craigaven area hospital because it would be easier to get to, and closer to me

What I would wear

A tunic and black trousers

Positive sides of this job

Bringing new babies into the world, being with someone at the most important time of their life, giving mothers confidence about how to look after their baby

Negative sides of this job

The long hours and constantly being on your feet. Your responsible of 2 lifes the mother and the baby, not everything will possible go right the baby or mother could die or possibly both


The salary of a midwife would be for a band 5 which starts at £21,692 you can then progress to a band 6 which ranges from £26,041 to £34,876 per year


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