Liver Cancer by: chelsey

Mayo Clinic cares for more then 1200 people with primary liver cancer. Liver cancer is more common in males then in females.

How is the cancer treated? There is a few ways to treat liver cancer. They do surgery to remove the tumor, they also can do a liver transplant. heating the cancer cells, or freezing the cancer cells. or injecting alcohol into the tumor. They also can inject chemothearphy drugs into the liver placing beads filled with radiation in the liver.

How is this cancer diagnosed? blood tests- may see liver function abnormalities. imaging tests, ultrasound computerized tromography ct scan, magnetic resonace imaging (MRI) or by removing liver tissue.

Possible causes of the cancer. DNA mutations cause changes in there instructions. The cells may begin to grow out of control, forming a tumor. another cause of liver cancer can be from infections with certain hepatitis viruses can cause liver cancer.

Effects on the body. Loosing weight, upper abdominal pain, loss of appeite, nausea and vomiting, bloating, darkening of he urine.

What happens to the cells?

The cells can lodge in the liver and starts to grow. The liver can be affected. The liver is the organ that gets most infected. Also researchers have found that part of the liver can grow back.

Prevention of liver cancer. By following healthy life styles, exercise, controlling your weight, and eating a healthy diet, with limited amounts of alcohol in your body.


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