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Are you so excited for your upcoming session? I know I am. I'm so happy to meet your family and to create such long lasting memories for generations to come.

I never know what to wear, it's always a struggle, but I'm here to help YOU prepare for your session, so I've created this "What to Wear" guide. Hopefully this will ease the pain and aggravation when preparing for a photoshoot. I want your day to be about you and your family and it should not be stressful, but fun and memorable.

1. Coordinate your colors not matching colors Pick a couple of colors and then pick clothes that work with this color scheme.

2. Look for clothing collections This will make it easier to chose a store that offers clothing collections for boys and girls. This will help with coordinating the look for all the children and you can add your choice of clothing for mom and dad and extended family members.

3. Limit patterns I love patterns, but limit the number of children wearing a pattern. This will help with the flow of the image as many patterns can be distracting. DO NOT WEAR items of clothing with large logos, characters and such. Although, this can be edited in Photoshop, it will cost to edit each image, so I would suggest to stay away from this sort of apparel.

4. Texture, texture, texture! Adding something like a scarf or a belt or even a cute blanket or flower headband. This just adds a little more to the images

5. Comfort Whatever you chose, make sure you are comfortable. Again, this is supposed to be a fun, memorable experience, you do not want the memory of discomfort! This will also show through the images, trust moi. :)

6. Search online There are many awesome ideas online. Search "what to wear at photography session" and there will be a wealth of information and ideas.

**just an added reminder: brush teeth, wash face, clean hand and nails, eat before session (then brush) :) See you soon!! xxx Mariann

mariann murray photography

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mariann murray photography

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