Accra supermarket By: Zara, makenna, geeta, mikey and Noel

Last week, we explored Accra supermarket. All of us had a great time and we want to share our experience with you. The address is 48 Blackstone River Rd, in Worcester, MA. Zipcode 01607. The owner is named Vasco and the group went to the market after we researched about West Africa.

A photo with our group and Vasco

Exploring the Accra supermarket, was interesting for us because some of us haven’t seen some of the food and resources we usually see.

The market

Zara’s Quote (from her thoughts on the market)

Then to meeting the owner Vasco,

Who came up from the country Ghana

His official language was Twi

And the story of his life

Was really intriguing to me

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The market with a different view

Geeta’s quote (from her perspective of Accra Market)

As he was checking out our stuff, he told me that the pineapple soda is $1.50, but he would give it to us for $1.00. How nice, I thought.

Pineapple soda

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Makenna’s quote

I wanted to buy so many things. I already knew I only had 5 dollars, but then I realized that most things in Accra were cheaper than I thought.

Milk powder

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Noel’s poem( from his perspective)

A World of Flavor

a world of wonders

a home away from home

the warmth of kindness sprawls through the store

feel at home in the aisles

become engulfed in the urban-local vibe

travel to the markets of Ghana in one store

taste the lands of West Africa

From sprawling deserts to damp jungles

enjoy a culture that may not be your own

or enjoy your culture in this store

all to be explored within the aisles and shelves

let your taste buds expand and frolic

meet the happy owner, Vasco willing to help any customer

ask about the food culture of Africa

discover what is eaten across the hemisphere

experience the exotic smells filling your nose

this store is a place of wonders

a small alcove of Africa

enjoy this store’s unique culture

Explore a world of flavor and wonder


Smoked seafood

Mikey’s Poem (From his perspective)

The cold leather on the seat

Sends chills through my body

The engine revs and we pull out of


We were the first

To be dropped off

The bus comes to an abrupt stop

We all hop off

We make our way to the grey building

I push in the glass door

The bell chimes


The Front desk

Has so many candies

you can test

Bread with sweet aroma


Pineapple soda

Fridge full of African


Many places where you

can take a


The strong smell of fish


to be on your dish.

The walls are full of African crackers

And fresh chicken on platters

In the heart of Worcester

The types of customers differ

Behind the register is a beaming man

With a warm welcome, Reaching out to shake your hand

We spend our five dollars

And head for the door

The man says “wait I want to give you something more”

He clicks on his keyboard

And pushes his mouse

“The sodas are half off, they are on the house!”

We thank the man






The door,

The bell chimes and

We walk into the cold air once more

We wait on the curb until the van comes













We got in the maroon bus

What an experience for all of us

The amazing smell of bread

Our art pieces to represent our region
Zara’s Art Piece:

I wanted to draw a mask of a mmuo since they’re part of Nigerian culture. Also I wanted to show movement (dancing) because mmuos are famous for the way they dance. Usually they’re men dressed behind the masks, but I wanted to show a woman in my drawing.

Mikey’s Drama Piece

I took a class in drama and we took an African folktale and read it and made a scenic design based on the story.

Makenna’s Art Piece

I chose to use traditional African symbols and make a pattern with them that I liked. Usually these would be printed on clothing.

Geeta’s Art Piece

I chose to create a paper cut out of the scenery in Africa. I drew a lion and a baobab tree.

Noel’s Art Piece

I chose this because it is a common tradition/art in Ghana that people continue to do this day.

By: Zara Nwosu, Geeta Puli, Makenna Eisenstock, Mikey Monopoli and Noel Gomez

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