Manon Camiré Vice-President candidate - Local 2002 Eastern Region

I work for Air Canada since 19 years and I am a Union activist since 18 years.

I am currently District 400's Chairperson at Montreal Reservations, after having performed the duties of being a Vice-Chairperson from 2001 to 2013.

As a woman of action, I fight for equality and justice for all members.

The working world is presently experiencing a profound transformation, one which has caused feelings of stress due to an acutely precarious future along with the deterioration of working conditions.

Our union must thus become more active and unified than ever before in order to protect workers’ rights. My goal is to be an agent of change today; change which must come so as to make sure that we all live in a more just society, tomorrow.

I believe in the power of collective action!

My Union Achievements :

  • Unifor Quebec Council delegate since 2002
  • Member of the Workers with Disabilities Committee since 2014 and a Discussion Leader since 2012
  • Lobbying for the establishment of the Women's Advocate program in our Local
  • Representation of UNIFOR for consultations concerning the new accessibility law that will be soon introduced to the federal
  • Member of the Executive Board of the Immigrant Workers centre of Montréal
  • Participation in the elaboration of the FTQ policy concerning climate changes in order to enable a fair transition for workers
  • Adoption, at the last FTQ convention, for resolutions that the federation put pressure to stop the disparities of treatment between workers regardless of their date of hire
  • Meeting with the team from the Minstre Qualtrough for the development of a law respecting the accessibility of handicapped persons (whether the handicap be visible or not)
  • Contribution to the composition of the Unifor mémoire since November 2016 consultations, as well as the presentation of said mémoire
  • Facilitation of numerous training sessions for Unifor members
  • Participation in the campaign for a 15$ minimum wage

What is the role of the Local vice-presidency?

It is essentially an administrative and political role. Politics, in the best sense of the word: means making the voice of the union heard by politicians, having our values and resolutions validated without apology, all in order to bring forth change within sectors of the law. Thus, it is actually positive lobbying. Administrative: collaborating for best management of the Local, help our President in their tasks.

My Commitment

I would continue to lobby our politicians in order to defend our members.

I would like to facilitate that our Local be even more active within the political plan in order to bring about legislative change which favors workers.

I strive to assure more educational opportunities for our members.

I would encourage member mobilisation.

I look forward to federating our members for the protection of defined benefits pension plans, as well as fighting with members for better accessibility of such.

I would actively work towards the adoption of certain laws, namely:

  • a Federal law concerning the inequality of treatment
  • a Federal law for preventative leave for pregnant women
  • a law for paid leave in the case of domestic violence in order to allow victims to escape their situation
"I want to ensure that our Local is even more politically active to bring about legislative changes in favor of workers."

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