Can we live on other planets? By: Ally And Laasya

This is what source we used to find our video.

Some things we learned were like facts about each planet incuding the sun like the sun is the center and earth revolves around the sun but are one moon revolves aroynd us.

These are the facts we learned from the book.

The Solar System stared about 5 billion year ago. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Mars's nickname is called the red planet because it's surface is covered by red dust. Jupiter is even 11 times bigger than Earth.

Our websites that we used to find our information are Life -planet www.Space

Mars MIGHT have life out of our solar system, but there is no direct evidence. There are eight planets in our solar system. There are 3 planets that MIGHT have life that are not in our solar system. There are many unknowns what you might need to live on another planet but for sure food,water,and air.


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