Greenhalgh Guess Who? By The Genealogy Kids

“Guess Who?” has always been a pretty fun game, but it just got better. Here are the steps we took to make “Greenhalgh Guess Who?” for our cousins for Christmas.

First you need the game ... shouldn’t cost more than about $10. We got ours for sale at Target for $8!

Next you need to measure the faces on the cards so you can print family faces that are just the right size to cover them up.

Remember the playing cards are bigger than the cards on the board, so take two different measurements.

Now it’s time to print family faces. For variety, we tried to choose some faces with hats, glasses, bow ties, etc. This makes the game more interesting. We used a collage maker app so we could print several faces on one 4x6 or 5x7 print.

Don’t forget to print two copies of each small size (for the two boards) and a larger size for the playing cards.

Fortunately for us, if we counted Grandma’s dog, we happened to have exactly 24 family members.

Now for the tedious part... If you want the game to last, you should laminate your family faces onto the cards, or use clear packing tape to protect them. We also printed first names to include on the larger cards.

Personalize the box by printing a few extra faces and taping them on.

The family members who happened to be featured on our box felt very privileged.

Our cousins loved receiving this family game for Christmas and everyone had a fun time playing!

The game takes on a different dynamic when you personalize it ... you can ask different questions. Is your person’s last name Greenhalgh? Is your person married? Is your person a teenager? Did your person break his arm last year? Does your person have a sister?

While it took some time and effort, this was a worthwhile project and a really fun gift! And by the way, don’t we have a good-looking family?