AWSOME DOGS by o'niya andino

Table of Contents

.1 Introduction

2.All about dogs

3.what dogs eat

4. what to do with dogs sizes

6. concluon


Dogs are good pet's.If you like dogs this is a good book for you dog's are all diffrent coler,shape,and size.Dog need extreasiz rest and a oner becase if a dog don't have a oner it will not be safe.Do you think you are ready for a dog.

All about dogs

dogs are good and fun to play with. Dogs might be big or small.dogs are fun to play with but be carful. If you see a dog you want If you get a dog make sure it is the right one for you.

a dog having fun

dogs have apatite

dogs have aptite like like we do but they just eat differently.Dogs can not eat cat food because cat food is not good for dogs.Dogs have to have water with there meal keep from being dehydrated. When you go get your dog food.Look on the bake to see what is in it.Dogs always want dog treats . Do not give your dog his or hers there traet give them when it's time.

dog food

some dogs are small and some are big. And different shape and sizes.Dogs are fat because of there braed . Dogs can eat just not seval boles of dog food. It does not matter what dog you get if it's fat or not fat just get a dog.Dogs are heathy when they eat but if they eat 4 times that is not good.

a dog sick from eating to much food.

Dogs are fun to play with and take care of .They make good family pet.May be you will have your very own.


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