Sauces By. Anthony cooper

What makes sauce so important? Sauce can be the difference between your average meal and a meal you will remember to make next time! Sauces are often times the difference between a cook that just gets the job done or a cook that makes memories.


Sauce-a flavored, thickened liquid usually made by adding a thinking agent, seasonings, and flavorings.

Thickening agent-an ingredient such as cornstarch, that adds body to the sauce.

Béchamel- two sauces that aren't made with a thickening agent, a simple French white sauce made with milk and a thickener, and hollandaise sauce.

Hollandaise sauce- sauce made from lemon juice, butter, and eggs.

What makes a good sauce?

A good sauce is always a nice complement to the food, they are not supposed to over power or detract from the food that they are used on or with.

Restraurant Sauces

today many restraunts use condensed or powder based sauces then when mixed with water create a commercial sauce that tastes the same every time.

Sauce Ingredients- sauces almost always have a liquid ingredient as the base of the sauce.

White Sauce- usually made from chicken, veal, or fish.

Brown Sauce- usually made from beef.

Sauce continued- vinegar or tomato products add the acidity that some sauces need. Milk is a good base for a sauce.


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