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Women in Guatemala

Women wear red skirts with yellow stripes called cortes to honor their ancestors. The skirt is held up by a woven belt or sash called a fajaomen . Men often wear Western-style clothing instead of traditional handmade clothing because modern clothes are cheaper and more practical.

Belief System

Roman Catholicsm temple

Roman Catholicism was really big in Guatemala until the early part of the twentieth century. That's when Protestantism became bigger than Roman Catholicism in Guatemala. Roman Catholicism was really big in Guatemala until the early part of the twentieth century. That's when Protestantism began to make significant headway among both Ladinos and Maya.

Catholics (47%)

Protestants (40%)

None/Atheist/Agnostic (9%)

Others (3%)

no answer (1%)


Just like in the USA, Guatemala has radios, TVs, internet, and phones. The main language spoken there is Spanish. Very little of the people in Guatemala speak English, mostly tourists speak English.


Mayan temple

The Mayan civilization were among the first that flourished in the region. The modern history of Guatemala began with the arrival of Arabian settlers in 1511.



Children in Guatemala play street soccer, marbles, and jump rope. In Guatemala people can do so many outdoors things like kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking. The weather in guatemala is always warm.




Guatemala does not have a national dish, but several foods feature in everyday diets. Almost all dishes include some type of black beans, white rice and corn tortillas. Breakfast often consists of scrambled eggs and fried playantains.


Political parties in Guatemala are usually unstable. No party has won the presidency more than once and in every election period large amounts of the parties are small and newly formed. Even the longer-lived parties, such as the Christian Democrats tend to last less than a decade.


Some Guatemalan houses are made of sticks and rusty metal

It's thought there are well over a million houses in Guatemala are put together with cornstalks, cane, and scavenged materials. During the wet months, from June to November, wind driven rain blows through the wall, drips from the roofs, and often turns dirt floors into parasitic mud. The housing provide little privacy and no security, leaving a family’s belongings subject to theft too.


Since the signing of the Peace Accords in December of 1996, Guatemala has made a lot of advances in providing education for children at the primary level, grades 1-6. The percentage of children completing their primary education has increased from 39% in the early 90’s to 72.5% in 2006.


Minimum wage is $1.58 per hour. This is for government jobs, jobs in agriculture, factory jobs, and most jobs in local stores and restaurants. This is the salary that the majority of people in Guatemala make. 75% of Guatemalans live below the poverty line. A small percentage of people get a college education to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or other higher paying jobs. Many of them graduate and cannot find work.

Kind of Environment

Guatemala has one of the most extensive and diverse forest systems in Central America. The country is home to an estimated 1,200 known species of amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles, and an estimated 8,600 species of plants. . Between 1990 and 2005, Guatemala lost 17 percent of its total forest cover and deforestation rates have gotten larger by 13 percent since the close of the 1990s.


Quetzal bird
  • The Quetzal is the national bird.
  • There are 21 Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala.
  • More than 1.2 million people travel to Guatemala every year.
  • The chocolate bar was invented during the Mayan times.

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