Challenge. Engagement. Empowerment.

Character. Compassion. Courage. Service.

Deeper instruction. Deeper thinking. Deeper learning.

Follow the #iOTF6 to stay up to date with all announcements and details as the event gets closer.

Event Photos and Videos platform


The School Photographer will be taking photos and videos throughout the conference and posting them on the event platform. Use the link below to access the event platform and view some pictures of you and your team enjoying iOTF6.

2019 sponsors
‘There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.’ Kurt Hahn
A fully endorsed/supported event.

iOnTheFuture Conference is Australia’s premier Deeper Learning event & is back bigger & better than ever in 2019 following the incredibly successful #iOTF4 in 2016 & #iOTF5 in 2018.

#iOTF6 ‘More in us than we know’ is officially endorsed / supported by the NSW Department of Education with registered NESA hours. Same event repeated; two days / two locations 1200+ participants, 300+ schools ...

Sydney event Saturday 17th August

LIMITED PARKING available on site at Lindfield Learning Village. Highly recommend that you use public transport. Shuttle buses will operate every 15 minutes from LINDFIELD Train station to Lindfield Learning Village starting at 6:30 am. *** The last bus will depart Lindfield Station at 7:30 am on Saturday. **** Taxis or Uber are other options for outside these times. PROGRAM COMMENCES AT 7:45am and don't be late .... Ron Berger is speaking first at 8:00 am.

Shuttle buses will operate every 15 minutes from Lindfield Learning Village to Lindfield Train station from 4:00 pm.

Lindfield Learning Village

Tweed/Gold Coast event Sunday 18th August

Each event =

+ 2 x 50min & 1 x 30min keynotes

+ 3 x 1 hr workshop rounds or 1 x 3 hr Master Class

Be inspired at #iOTF6 with one full day of world class Professional Learning targeting the learning design & pedagogy required to ...

...engage, challenge & empower...

...learners for the 2020s & beyond.

Is there more in you (& your students) than you know?

An unmissable opportunity. Teachers, Leaders K-12. Why not bring a team or empower the whole staff (SDD)?

How many masterclasses can your team of 10 or 20 or 30 attend across three rounds & later share back at school?

#iOTF5 trended at no.1 in Australia Saturday 25th Aug 2018 for 4 hours.

‘I regard it as the foremost task of education to insure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self denial, and above all, compassion.’ Kurt Hahn

#iOTF6 Keynote Speakers.

5 World class global leaders of Deeper Learning.

Clockwise from top and left: Ron Berger, Bernie Shakeshaft, John Larmer, Suzie Boss and Scott Hartl

#iOTF6 Speaker 1. Ron Berger

Ron is Chief Academic Officer EL Education / Adjunct Lecturer Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Ron Berger is Chief Academic Officer at EL Education.

A former primary school teacher from Shutesbury in rural Massachusetts, Ron is today one of the world’s most recognised and respected educators. You may know Ron from the video ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ and his visionary masterpiece ‘An Ethic of Excellence’. You may also know of more recent publications ‘Leaders of Their Own Learning’ and ‘Learning That Lasts’ where Ron collaborated with fellow EL Education educators Libby Woodfin, Leah Rugen and Anne Vilen to provide clear insight and guidance for educators looking to ignite classrooms and unleash learners with student engaged assessment, deeper instruction and project based learning. Ron’s rich work at Harvard with Steve Seidel and Howard Gardner includes the ‘Models of Excellence’ project. View the student work here.

Ron has been a feature speaker at High Tech High’s Deeper Learning Conference in California in recent years; watch his presentations here; 2017 , 2018 . #iOTF6 is Ron’s second ever visit to Australia, with #iOTF4 his first in 2016.

Where else in Australia in 2019 will you get the chance to learn with Ron Berger live in person?

‘Once a student creates work of value for an audience beyond the classroom; work that is sophisticated, important and beautiful - that student is never the same. When you have done quality work, deeper work, you know you are always capable of more.’ Ron Berger

#iOTF6 Speaker 2. Bernie Shakeshaft

Bernie Shakeshaft - Founder and CEO Backtrack

Bernie Shakeshaft is the founder and CEO of BackTrack Youth Works in Armidale, New South Wales. Living and working for many years in the Northern Territory, Bernie had a range of jobs before deciding to make his vision of working with disadvantaged young people a reality in 2006. Bernie and the team at BackTrack have helped over 1000 young people, and are now expanding to share their tools with other communities across New South Wales. Bernie was the recipient of the prestigious 2014 Churchill scholarship.

Would you like to watch a screening of the documentary film ‘Backtrack Boys’? Find a screening here or watch on Netflix.

Back on Track Biography of Bernie Shakeshaft with James Knight - Released June 2019. James will accompany Bernie on stage at iOTF6.

There will be an opportunity to meet Bernie and James after both events - come and say hello and buy a signed copy of Back on Track to support the Backtrack Program.

‘The future is what I'm intersted in and how we grow and extend new tracks going forward...’ Bernie Shakeshaft

#iOTF6 Speaker 3. John Larmer

John Larmer - Editor In Chief Buck Institute for Education/PBL Works

John Larmer is editor in chief at the Buck Institute for Education/ PBL Works. A former high school teacher, John has authored and/or edited the institute's project-based curriculum units for decades. Co-author with Suzie Boss of the ‘Project Based Learning Handbook’ and ‘Project Based Teaching’ best sellers, John is a writer and editor of BIE's PBL Toolkit Series. John codevelops professional development workshops and materials for teachers, including 21st century skills rubrics and project exemplars. John has consulted on project-based learning curriculum development for the National Academy Foundation, the Oracle Education Foundation, and Pearson Education and is globally renowned for his leadership of Project Based Learning.

Where else in Australia in 2019 will you get the chance to learn with John Larmer live in person?

‘In a PBL setting, students are using technology to reach the outside world .... the connection to the real world is what makes it different.’ John Larmer

#iOTF6 Speaker 4. Suzie Boss

Suzie Boss - Buck Institute for Education

Suzie is a national faculty member of the Buck Institute for Education/PBL Works and a senior contributor for Edutopia and for the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Suzie has authored many works over the years including her recent collaboration with John Larmer published in late 2018; ‘Project Based Teaching’ a magnificent resource which provides significant insight into the Buck Institute’s Gold Standard Project Based Learning.

Buck Institute for Education Gold Standard PBL

Other works include ‘Real World Projects; How do I design relevant and engaging learning experiences?’ and ‘Setting the standard for Project Based Learning.’

Where else in Australia in 2019 will you get the chance to learn with Suzie Boss live in person?

‘Students can go deeper into content once they understand the process.’ Suzie Boss.

#iOTF6 Speaker No.5 Scott Hartl

Scott Hartl - EL Education

Scott Hartl is President and CEO EL Education.

EL is a non-profit school improvement network of over 160 public project-based schools across 30 US states. EL helps to found public high schools in low-income communities - district and charter - that have 100% of high school graduates accepted to college over decades. EL Curriculum is used across 600 school districts in 44 US states.

For almost 25 years, EL Education has engaged teachers and students in active learning, focused on three dimensions of achievement:

EL Dimensions of Student Achievement

Mastery of knowledge and skills.

Students demonstrate proficiency and deeper understanding, apply their learning, think critically, and communicate clearly.


Students learn and practice habits of character that enable them to work to become effective learners, ethical people, and to contribute to a better world.

High-quality work.

Students create complex, authentic work and demonstrate craftsmanship.

Where else in Australia in 2019 will you get the chance to learn with Scott Hartl live in person?

‘I’ve never seen a moment where we have more of an opportunity to contribute to kids and teachers than I see now.’ Scott Hartl

#iOTF6 Masterclasses

Practical, cutting edge PL; (3x) hour long rounds.

Scores of local, interstate and internationally renowned educators will lead three full rounds of hour long workshops and masterclasses. Changing it up for #iOTF6 masterclasses will be three hours in length in 2019.

Confirmed #iOTF6 masterclass providers include:

  1. Ron Berger - Chief Academic Officer EL Education
  2. Scott Hartl - CEO EL Education
  3. John Larmer - Editor In Chief Buck Institute for Education/PBL Works
  4. Suzie Boss - National Faculty Buck Institute for Education/PBL Works
  5. Michelle Navarre - Founding Head Polaris Charter School Chicago and EL Principal of the Year 2017
  6. Francesca Peck - Director of Culture and Character Polaris Charter School Chicago
  7. Cyndi Gueswell - Founder 'Only To Grow' coaching and former Managing Director of Program EL Education
  8. Sydney Chaffee - USA 2017 teacher of the year and EL Edn 2017 teacher of the year - TED Talk 'Social Justice' 1.2m views
  9. Jessica Wodatch - Executive Director Two Rivers Public Charter School Washington DC
  10. Laina Cox - Principal - Middle School, Capital City Charter School Washington DC and 2018 EL Education leader of the year
  11. Erin Sciscione - Former EL Education Principal and School Designer and private consultant
  12. Emma Scott - UK Innovation Unit (Australia)
  13. James 'Fish' Gill - Creative Teams Consulting WA
  14. Justin Caban - Former NSW DoE Deputy Principal now 24/7 Consulting
  15. NSW DoE Strategic Education Reform - Director Tish Creenaune
  16. John Goh - NSW DoE Principal Merrylands East PS
  17. Georgia Castanti - NSW DoE Principal McCallam’s Hill PS
  18. Peter Lee - Former NSW DoE Principal and BOSTES Primary Inspector
  19. James Phelps - NSW DoE leading project based learning advocate
  20. Bianca and Lee Hewes - Leading NSW DoE Project Based Learning experts
  21. Kirstin Beck - NSW Futures Learning K-6 Adviser
  22. Sarina Wilson - NSW Futures Learning 7-12 Adviser
  23. Daniel French - NSW DoE CESE
  24. Mark Liddell - Head of Mathematics Shore
  25. Cameron Paterson - Mentor of Teaching and Learning Shore
  26. Karen Caswell - Senior Teacher Coomera Rivers State School Qld
  27. And we have many more in the pipeline!!
  • Deeper Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Student Engaged Assessment
  • Crafting quality learning targets
  • Using data (evidence) w/ students
  • Models of excellence / culture of critique / descriptive feedback
  • Student led conferences
  • Celebrations of learning
  • Passage presentations with portfolios
  • Engagement, challenge and empowerment
  • The power of community engagement; within and beyond the school gate
  • Formative assessment
  • Cognitive load theory
  • Instructional coaching - teacher centred
  • Instructional coaching - student centred
  • Developing a culture of CREW
  • Growth Mindset/Grit - why it matters
‘The purpose of education is to save young people from the paralyzing effects of wealth & poverty.’ Kurt Hahn.

If you find this useful - tell others about it at #iOTF6 !

Registration Details


$350 ex gst (groups of 10+)

All attendees must enrol through MyPL

$380 ex gst (per person)

NSW DoE educators/employees - Register via Staff Portal > MyPL. Payment will be through inter-school journal via SAP Finance. No refunds.

All other (Non NSW DoE) registrations, click here to create a MyPL "guest" login. Registration cannot be completed without full payment. No refunds.

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iOTF6 Sponsors

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Bronze Sponsors - Lindfield Learning Village event

Seven Steps to Writing Success

ELB (formally Electroboard)

Bronze Sponsors - Banora Point Primary School event

Griffith University - Faculty of Education

AV Media Systems

Supporters of iOnTheFuture6

iOTF Steering Committee:

  • Paul Taylor (Principal Banora Point PS)
  • Joanna Henderson (Principal Murwillumbah East PS)
  • Murat Dizdar (NSW DoE, Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance)
  • Michael Priddis (CEO - Faethm AI)
  • Kathy Powzun (NSW DoE Director School Operations & Performance)
  • Karin Haleblian (Assistant Principal Lake Cathie PS)

Contact Details:

Wendy Brindley

#iOTF6 Event Manager

ph 0490 820 814


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Paul Taylor

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