CRA Newsletter - 12.02.2021 Half Term 3 - February 12th 2021

Principal's Update

Finally we got back into school on Thursday as the snow had started to melt and the bus companies were happy to transport our students. It is always a tough decision to take whether to close the school but safety is of paramount importance.

Regardless of whether we were physically in the building, lessons have still been running. The snow day as we used to know it is a thing of the past because we will always be able to deliver provision via Teams.

The Academy has remained busy with staff continuing to reflect on their online learning. Thank you to those parents who completed the survey. It is so important for helping us to improve our provision. The House competitions have continued – CRA does the Masked Singer and the DRET Lockdown Cup have been fun and are keeping us healthy. Students have been invited to a composition workshop with some professional musicians and a singing programme with Nevil Holt Opera. These are both wonderful opportunities for our budding musicians.

We have experienced a number of problems with MCAS this week and two important letters which we had believed to be sent last week have been resent; a letter about the Year 11 exams/assessments and communication about predicted grades and references for college places.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the academy if you have any questions in relation to these. All letters are placed on the website so if you have missed the MCAS communication you will find them under Parent Information and scroll down to Parent Letters.

As you will be aware there has been discussion about schools re-opening on March 8th, soon as we have any firm information about this we will communicate via MCAS and put any appropriate information on the website.

I hope you all a great half-term.

Kind regards, Mrs Jones

CRA Values

Friday afternoon, CRA are having a screen free afternoon focusing on wellbeing. During the afternoon students will be spending 30 minutes on each of the 5 ways of wellbeing; to give, take notice, be active, connect and continue learning to help support their own and other peoples' mental and physical wellbeing and happiness. The afternoon has been incorporated into our House competitions, with each session completed successfully and a photo sent in to the House Championship email address earning them 1 point for their House.

These sessions will depend on students showing all our CRA values in the activities they decide to complete - Respect for their family by giving back, Ambition to complete a walk/jog/exercise video, Confidence to connect with someone they haven't spoken to for a while and Aspiration to continue learning through reading. We look forward to compiling all the images and seeing what our wonderful students got up to on their screen free afternoon.

A survey about the afternoon will be emailed out to all students Friday afternoon to complete at 3:15pm.

School Governors

All schools across the Trust have Academy Scrutiny Committees which are made up of community, staff and parental representatives. Presently Charles Read has vacancies for parent governors. The role and expectations of a Governor can be found here.

The primary role of the Academy Scrutiny Committee is to provide support and challenge to the Principal in ensuring every child makes good or better progress and that the Academy is achieving targets and continually improving. To maximise the ability of the local governors to focus on this key area, the Academy Scrutiny Committee is not required to set strategy or policy, manage financial resources, staff performance and pay, Health and Safety or many of the other areas traditionally associated with a maintained school governing body as these issues are dealt with at Trust level.

If you are interested in one of the roles please review and apply using the procedure document below.

LCC Transport Applications for current year 6 students

If you have current year 6 children moving to secondary school in September, then please review this letter from LCC regarding application for school transport.

If your child is starting primary school or transferring to secondary school in September 2021 they may be eligible for school transport. If you think your child is eligible please apply for transport as soon as you have your offer of a school place.

Applications can be made online at the website below or a telephone application can be made by contacting the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782020. For more information about the home to school transport policy and online applications please go to the LCC website. Queries can be emailed to schooltransportapplications@lincolnshire.gov.uk.

Careers' Corner

Guest Speaker

We are delighted to have Professor Miranda Wolpert MBE - (Speakers for Schools) scheduled to speak with our year 11s on Thursday 25th. Please see her biography below or click on this link.

Miranda Wolpert MBE

Miranda is Head of the Mental Health Priority Area at Wellcome Trust and Professor of Evidence Based Practice at UCL. Miranda has extensive experience as a clinician, policy advisor and academic in the field of child mental health. At Wellcome Miranda leads a £200million portfolio to transform outcomes for children and young people with anxiety or depression across the world. The ambition is a world in which no one is held back by mental health problems. Miranda has founded and led not for profit collaborations designed to improve mental health outcomes. Miranda received an MBE in 2017 for her work on child mental health.

National Citizen Service

Designed specially for 16 and 17 year olds, the NCS experience will give you a clearer idea of what you want from your future.

NCS is a program designed to run through the summer holidays which links an action packed adventure week, with a week at a University learning how to adapt to new surroundings and live the student life, with a charity fund raising project at the end. As part of NCS, you will mix with a new crowd, and take on fresh challenges together. Before you know it, you’ll be rooting for each other, as you all tackle your own little hurdles.

Along the way, you’ll also get a taste for independence and pick up skills that will help you to achieve your future goals. And if that’s not enough for you, you’ll also be given a platform to have your voice heard and pursue a passion project.

The NCS experience might last just a few weeks, but the impact? That lasts a LOT longer.

Over 500,000 people have already done NCS – if you would like to be one of them then you will have the opportunity – we will be bringing this exciting project to Charles Read after the Half term break. In the meanwhile, if you would like to know more then take a look at this link.

Careers' Ideas

Each week we will show you examples of the various careers linked to the subject you are studying. This week’s career idea is "Jobs related to Modern Languages".

Click on BBC bitesize for some useful and practical information about post 16 choices.

Watch this space for future updates concerning careers or visit the CRA website Careers Support pages.

Mrs Rees - Careers' Lead

Attendance Update

Attendance update 11/02/2021

Critical Workers during National Lockdown

If you are a Critical Worker, you MUST inform school if you have changed your working patterns/days/shifts or are now working from home as this may allow another Critical Worker child to attend school.

As a Critical Worker, Please can you contact school to let us know if you still require a Critical Worker place at school after half term so that we know which students to expect in school.

If your child has a medical appointment, they are attending during the school day, please let school know so we can authorise this as Medical on the register.

If your child is poorly and cannot attend school, please let us know so we can code this as Illness on the register.

You must inform school immediately if anyone in the household has any Covid-19 symptoms.

100% attendance of Live Lessons

The following students have had 100% attendance in their live lessons this week which are showing CRA values of Resilience and Ambition and will receive Resilience reward behaviour points.

Year 7

Ben W, Cassieann H, Francesca B, Jessica S, Kira H, Lewis Y, Libby C, Lily K, Megan M, Meinardas B, Nicole W, Phoebe A, Phoebe K-B, Ruby M, Teya S, Thomas S, Toby N, Zachary R.

Year 8

Coby M, Dominic P, Ethan B, Evelyn W, Jamie P, Jasmine C, Jonas C, Lee Lee S-K, Lewis M, Lily C, Lucas D, Nichola S, Owen M, Rhys L, Sebastian C,

Year 9

Angel G, Bailie B, Callun T, Connor T, Cory F, Fynlay W, George D, Gracie-Lee C, Jack Ch, Jack C, Jack S, Joshua M, Lola W, Mark W, Millie-Mae A, Oscar Deniz-W, Simon K, Theodore A,

Year 10

Ayrton S, Billy-Joe C, Courtney M, Isobel H, Jake H, Jake K, Priya P, Rhys W, Riley T, Robert P, Ryan W, Tom J.

Year 11

Aerienne C, Dharshidhan K, Esme G, Joseph C, Joshua B, Neylan B, Poppy W, Sophie M, Sophie P-B, Thomas G.



Please ensure you have checked and updated your parental consents on My Child at School. There have been some recent updates including the permission to allow us to teach your children remotely via Teams if we are forced to close a bubble of students due to Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Symptoms

If you are uncertain about what actions to take when it comes to Covid symptoms and whether you should send your child to school, please review the attached letter from Public Health England, and posters below.

Miss Butcher - Attendance Manager

House News

CRA Does the Masked Singer

The latest House Competition at CRA saw staff take part in our very own version of ITV’s ‘Masked Singer’. The competition took place over the course of 7 days, with a different member of staff singing behind the mask of a character they created. Characters included the Donkey, Gorilla, Darth Vader and many more, ending with ‘Wolverman’ who turned out to be the academy’s principal Mrs Jones with a house version of the ‘Sea Shanty’ song.

Students had 24 hours to submit their guess to which member of staff they believed was behind the mask. House points have been awarded for each correct answer, with a further chunk of points divided between the houses in relation to the amount of overall correct answers.

All of the performances can be found on the House Championship’s social media platforms; Twitter and Instagram @CRA_HouseChamp.

House Lockdown Cup

This week Charles Read Academy have sent out over 80 certificates of participation to students and staff who have take part in the Lockdown Cup at any point in January.

Aqua were crowned January champions however CAELI are off to a flying start in February after securing 377km in the first 10 days, a lead of 68km over Aqua in 2nd place with 309km and Terra are currently in 3rd position on 251km. The 3 houses have already added 937km to the schools total and CRA have now covered well over 4,000km in total.

As part of the Lockdown Cup, CRA launched a Virtual Tour of Europe to provide a visual representation of actually how far we as a school have travelled. Building on the distance covered in January we have once again made significant progress at the start of February, reaching our latest destination of Rome via Venice. We have been providing a short video tour of each destination with some interesting facts on our social media platforms. So far we have travelled the equivalent distance from CRA to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, Venice and Rome.

The Virtual Tour of Europe continues as we depart Rome and head to our next destination, Monaco (Attached) which is just under 700km.

There is still 2 weeks left in February and these positions will continue to change so keep up the effort for your house and keep sending your screenshots

Join us and take part by simply going for a walk, jog, cycle, or row (new!) and email a screenshot of your distance to dretsport@dret.co.uk and housechampionship@charlesreadacademy.co.uk

You can keep track with the progress on our Lockdown Cup ‘Tour of Europe’ via our Twitter and Instagram accounts (@CRA_HouseChamp). We will be sharing lots of fun facts along our journey!!

Book Review House Competition

We are delighted to reveal the winner of the House ‘Book Review’ competition. Well done to Scott who is in Aqua 11 for his review of the ‘My Hero Academia’ series.

Scott wowed the judges with his entry as he produced a 12,000 words review of a full series, 22 individual book reviews in total. Scotts sheer passion to reading came through in his reviews and he truly went above and beyond for his House, Aqua. Here is an snippet of his review of Volume 16 from the series, one of his favourite books.

There were also a number of other fantastic entries in their own right. We were delighted to read each and ever entry and allocate second place to Grace S in Terra 7. This was close between two other year 7 entries from Lily and Evelyn who just missed out on claiming 2nd place. In 3rd place was another fine entry from Fynlay W in Caeli 9. There were also some great staff entries, which were very difficult to judge. Mrs Dexter entered a buetifully written review of a book which meant so much to her and picked up 2nd place in the staff category. Mr Thornton provided a great deal of stretch and challenge in his intriguing entry but it was Head of English, Miss Brealey who was crowned staff champion with her well-constructed review.

Each of the top 3 entries will be displayed in the House HUB and academy library. Why not have a read and see if the book may be of interest to you.

Mr Webb - Games Master

Table Talk

Thomas Carlyle was a Scottish historian and writer, known as the 'voice of the age' in the Victorian era.

Mental and physical wellbeing are so important for everyone, particularly now and we would like you to take time over the next week to focus and discuss how you as a family support your own and each other's mental and physical wellbeing.

CRA Library Update

Last week was our first stocktake, and I was amazed to find that we now have almost 2,200 Accelerated Reader books in the library! 471 of these have been added since September, and I am grateful for every single purchase and donation.

I hope that you all have enough books to read, and that Yrs 7, 8 and 9 are remembering to quiz whenever they have finished a book. Remember that you can find the Accelerated Reader link half way down the DRET homepage. Please ignore the overdue reminders for now, and let me know if you are struggling to find something new to read – I will see what I can do to help!

If you know that you do have an overdue library book at home, pop it in your schoolbag while you remember it, and it will be ready to return when you get back to school.

It has been great to have reading as the focus for recent house competitions, and there is another reading competition coming up shortly – watch this space!

I hope you have a very happy half term and read lots of good books!

Mrs Spilberg - TA & Librarian

Word of the Week

Bene: Good, well (Latin word root)

  • Benefit - an advantage or profit gained from something, or a payment made by the state or an insurance scheme to someone entitled to receive it.
  • Benign - gentle and kind, or (of a disease) not harmful in effect.
  • Benefactor a person who gives money or other help to a person or cause.

Watch this short video which explains how the benefits system works.

Times Tables

At the end of all lessons students stand behind their chairs in silence to prepare for themselves for the next lesson. From September, on a weekly rota, Years 7 and 8 will be reciting their timetables to help embed them in their long term memory.

Week commencing 22nd February - 11 times table

Accelerated Reader

Week commencing 22nd February during period 1

Year 11 Focus

Exam Option Entries for Summer 2021

Last week we sent out your GCSE entries for Summer 2021. The details are on parents MCAS accounts and in Student Portal - both in the "Reports" sections.

Its imperative that you check all the details are correct and contact us to advise by Friday 11th February via this email address rthorpe@charlesreadacademy.co.uk

Mrs Thorpe - Data & Exams Officer

Teen Support

Tuesday 9th February was Safer Internet Day 2021 and in whole school assembly on Monday, we talked to the students about this year's topic; celebrating the amazing range of information and opportunities online, and its potential to inform, connect and inspire us, whilst also looking at how young people can separate fact from fiction.

Our assembly focused on how we can decide what to trust online, supporting our students to question, challenge and change the online world for the better. We explored how influence, persuasion and manipulation can impact student’s decisions, opinions and what they share online, as well as why it is important to create a supportive, critical and questioning culture online that encourages debate and discussion. We want to give our students the skills to support one another, and the strategies to spot and speak out against harmful and misleading content online.

Lockdown Opportunities

Ball Mastery

The final session is on Saturday 13th February. These sessions are based around ball mastery and will be led by legend Dan Magness. The sessions are free to attend, will be done via Microsoft Teams and all you'll need is a football and some space.

To sign-up for these sessions you will need to follow the link

Dates for your diary

Please click on the parent calendar to see the full list of upcoming events and activities at CRA


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