See what STEMs from your support BCEF Grants for Science Technology Engineering and Math

Over the past year Brunswick’s students have mapped genomes, designed and programmed robots, and pulled their own experiments from the mud of Maquoit Bay. These hands-on, minds-on enrichment activities are just a few of the BCEF grants supporting STEM in our public schools.

"Hello, Arthropods!" say HBS second graders and Coffin multi-age students...

As an enrichment to their science curriculum, these students enjoyed a visit from scientist Jon Wallace and his collection of living arthropods - insects, arachnids and crustaceans - as well as arthropod specimens in resin blocks that they studied with magnifying glasses. The visit and study materials were funded through a BCEF grant submitted by teacher Sharon McCormack.

Mr. Wallace will visit again for a different grant as part of the matter unit.

Original podcasts brought to you by the 8th grade Eagle Island Team!

In teacher Felicity Beede's social studies class at Brunswick Junior High School, Eagle Island 8th graders can create their own original podcasts to share with students, teachers, family and the wider world with equipment and training funded through a BCEF grant.

Marine Science and Biology on the mudflats of Maquoit Bay

In teacher Andrew McCullough’s marine biology class at Brunswick High School, students conduct experiments on the mudflats of Maquoit Bay to determine the best method of seeding baby clams in predator exclusion boxes designed to protect them from the invasive green crab.

Because of a steep decline in the clam harvest due to these predators, this student science can have far reaching implications for Maine’s economy and ecology.

LEGO robots come to life at BJHS

BJHS teacher Conan McNamara’s robotics club, funded through a BCEF grant in 2015, proved so popular that a second grant for robotics equipment to double the size of the club was awarded in 2018. With the support of teacher Carol Reynolds, the expanded club was launched earlier this fall.

Students are building and programming their LEGO robots for competitions with other schools later in the school year.

Mapping genomes at BHS

Brunswick High School students are learning the process to map genomes, which they will put into practice during the second semester in a new BCEF funded lab for extracting and examining gene sequences.

The state of the art lab—spearheaded by teacher Stephanie Dumont—will give students hands-on exposure to molecular genetics, helping prepare them not only for STEM careers but also for becoming informed healthcare consumers.

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