Through the eyes of Barrington Tomlin By: Katherine Ford

Barrington is writing tips for fact finding situations and he remembers that he needs to grab the reader's attention. Providing the correct information can only lead in the right direction. " As a sports writer, writing encourages me to push towards my dreams and influence others to believe in themselves. "
Barrington asked a question about the fact finding process and ended up answering it himself in the end. Reading stories that are not true can be unreliable and confusing, so asking questions and doing research on sources can be helpful. " For me, to understand how to make better stories and get facts I must ask questions. The reason to do this is to better myself as a journalist. "
Barrington is putting together a game plan that will put everything afterwards into play. Order is very important and makes things much easier to understand . " For me, listening is fundamental because it clears a passage way to confusion and misunderstanding. "
This is the look of learning something new and knowing that you and your group were wrong, which is not always a bad thing. Trying to get a better understanding of a story is very beneficial for future story encounters. "Communicating with my peers and combining the best things, has a reflection everything . The reason for this is to have an interesting story."
Barrington is brainstorming and trying to understand how one player can be a major part of the team and how their attitude can persuade the other players to play harder." One thing that I can say is that, you can never go wrong with brainstorming. Never give up and always push forward to achieve the highest accomplishments. "

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