Vocabulary 11/28 Damaris ahumada Block 1

Measurement of circle curve

In math the students found the circumference of the apple.

Synonyms: Perimeter, Border, Boundry

A calculator keeping track of everything that happens.

The counter was not up to date .

Synonyms: tabulator, history book

To cause to drift apart from

The flowers dispel.

Synonyms: Separate, away from

To do something that grabs all your attention

Julian engross to fixing his phone


To move quickly or fast

The flash can hasten.

Synonyms: Speed,rush,hui

Able to shape and bend

The iPhone is kind of malleable.


motion increasing forward

When moving, the newton's cradle creates momentum.


threatening or unpleasant event

The lightning was ominous.

Synonyms: baleful, forbidding, menacing,

to refresh or restore

If you mess up on the computer this button is so you can restitution what you had previously done.

Synonyms: restore,return

small amount

This lake has a scarcity of water.

Synonyms:not much,a little


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