Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Max Dacquel

Nature On Display

My favorite exhibit at the museum had to be the butterfly garden. This was my first time every being in one so I felt fully immersed in this experience. In regular life it is seems uncommon to run into these majestic creatures. That is probably why I enjoyed the way that this exhibit was like its own little environment. I enjoyed how even though it is a somewhat artificial environment it still seemed natural. I felt more like I was just standing outside with a lot of butterflies rather than looking at an exhibit. Although I enjoyed the frog exhibit is seemed so controlled and like the animals were somewhat caged. In the butterfly garden setting it seems to be able to depict more of what nature is like. This exhibit reminded me that all creatures need to consume food of some sort. I chose this picture I took over other ones, because it reminded me that butterflies like humans need to consume food. I get so caught up on the differences between humans and animals i forget the similarities. I enjoyed the feeling somewhat connected to nature while in the museum.

Nature and Ethics

The above image is a picture of me and the wall of extinction. I like this picture, because it looks like I am almost on the wall. This of course symbolizing that us like any other organism,humans, have the capability to go extinct. So going along with Leopold's definition humans are like other things in the "biotic" universe. We have the possibility to go extinct if we do not take care of the planet that we call home. I think that is the take home message of this exhibit and frankly the whole museum. The museum is reminder of how precious and beautiful life is. We will not live forever we are no exception to nature. I am unsure how other people took in the exhibits. From what I observed it seemed like they were wandering aimlessly through. However, I can not be positive of what is going through other peoples mind. They could have been pondering the importance of taking care of our world in a similar manner as myself.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The natural history museum allows us to take a step into the past and a step away from our current reality. By doing this it connects us closer to the universe. Most peoples lives now revolve around social media and other technological advances. It is taking us further and further from the natural world. The natural history museum reminds us of the times of the past. Times of early humans and even times before humans. We get so caught up in our own worlds we start to believe that we are the center of the universe, however we share this world with other life forms. We have to remember to connect stay connected with the universe and not be so caught up with ourselves and our artificial concerns. We have to make sure to maintain and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

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