Farewell Cattails send your victory everywhere

Cattails are tall reedlike marsh plants with velvety, cylindrical, and dark brown heads. It almost looks like a burned corn-dog. They are also known as bulrushes. Strange as it may be, I am always fascinated with Cattails and can't explain why. Cattails can be easily found by ponds, by the roadside in pooled water areas, and irrigation run-off.

The Native Americans use Cattail leaves and stalks for weaving mats and baskets. Roots and pollen are turned into medicine herbs. Cattail downs are a source for moccasin-shoe lining and reportedly pillow stuffing.

Cattails are perennial plants. In late fall, the ribbon-like leaves die, but the cattail heads stand tall until the break, sending thousands of seeds into the air. I took these photos at a nearby pond as the sun descends behind the mountains.

Golden Cattails
Meaning of Cattail found on the Internet - Victory Is Mine: Cattails are symbolic of Victory, in mind, body and spirit. It can also symbolize the need to reflect on the inside or to do some inward cleansing, ritual of some sort. Cattails are symbolic of friendship and allies, who will not only be of great company but of great guidance. (so they say...)
Transition ready.
Take off!

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished." - Lao Tzu

Scientific Name: Typha latifolia
A double Cattail
Other Names: Lesser Bullrush, Lesser Reedmace
Possibly the Rocky Mountain Maple leaves in the background. Details being verified.
Thousands of seeds disperse into the air when the Cattail breaks.
Cattails: All In Good Light
Some Intentional Camera Movement capturing the changing colors of the Cattail ribbon-like leaves
Cattail colony by the pond
"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." - John Muir
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Raj Manickam


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