Javanese Gamelan The Indonesian Orchestra

Do now: watch video #1 below and Write down three words that describe how this music makes you feel

What instruments do you see and hear?

Where does it come from?

Who plays gamelan?

What do you notice about the players?
CEntral Java, Indonesia


  1. Let's watch a bit of the first video again. Listen carefully for any music that repeats.
  2. How do we conceive of music that repeats?

3. I need volunteers to show us a high, medium, and low movement that travels.


4. Let's put two of each movement in our gamelan circle.

5. Let's perform the movements to the song in circular order. The composer of each movement will guide us.

homework 1: watch video #2 below and write a reflection paragraph on what you learned

homework 2: Using your do Now words, create a spark post to illustrate how gamelan music made you feel

Watch Video #1 (top of page) while you create your Spark post so that you have the music fresh in your mind.

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