Killing Killer Whales Why SeaWorld should transfer their whales to sea pens.

SeaWorld's killer whale's dorsal fins collapse because of the constant pull of gravity in their shallow enclosures.

In the ocean, killer whale's dorsal fins remain vertical because the effects of gravity are lessened in deeper waters.

The small enclosures at SeaWorld cause the whales to be persistently distressed;however, sea pens would cause the whales less anguish because they are larger and more similar to the ocean.

Killer whales in the ocean prey on other animals and fish in order to acquire nourishment.

SeaWorld feeds their whales dead fish and gelatin to provide the whales with food and nutrients.

The dead, unthawed fish that SeaWorld feeds their whales have lost all of their moisture;therefore, the whales must eat large amounts of gelatin to remain hydrated.

If SeaWorld moves their whales to sea pens, the whales could naturally obtain their necessary diet from fish that swim into their sea pens.


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