The Creature By Nicole

“Shut up, Jerald,” shouted Kate.

“No you shut up, this is all your fault anyway. If you had not been so difficult I wouldn't have lost my job,” yelled Jerald.

“Well maybe if you were good at your job, you wouldn’t have been fired.” Claimed Kate.

“If it wasn’t for you I probably would’ve even gotten a raise. I mean for goodness sakes my boss invited us to dinner.” Debated Jerald.

“He invited you to fire you,” Kate replied.

“You're so loud and obnoxious maybe if you weren't so embarrassing then I wouldn't have even said anything.” Stated Jerald.l

“I mean if I am such an embarrassment, we should break up.” Declared Kate.

“Maybe we should,” agreed Jerald.

“Jerald watch out”


“OMG you brainless dope what did you just hit?” Kate said in full hysteria.

“I don't know it’s really foggy,” said Jerald

Jerald was completely terrified, he slowly raised his body to look over the steering wheel. But the fog was so thick that their beat up red mini van was consumed by the whiteness. When he saw nothing he slowly removed his seatbelt and unwillingly lifted himself out of the car. He went around to the front of the car and to his horror there was nothing there, not even a drop of blood.

“Kate there's nothing here,”

“What, are you blind?”

She got out of the car as well. She went around to the front end of the car and like Jerald said, there was really nothing there.

“What the heck,” She yelled.

Just then out of the corner of his eye Jerald saw a huge black and orange spotted creature with oozing saliva approach out of the fog. Jerald stared straight into his beady eyes. With every step the tiger took there was less hope. Kate turned around unaware of this occurrence until then, she let out a loud high pitched scream. The tiger darted towards her. He wrapped her in one of his claws, Jerald took a nearby tree branch and with all his strength he hit the tiger right on his head. Jerald kept hitting and hitting the tiger. Most men would have turned around, given up. But although they were going through a rough patch, Jerald's love for Kate was undeniable. Finally the tiger let out a roar unleashing Kate from his tight grip.

“Kate get in the car,”


Get in the dang car now!” Screamed Jerald

She ran in the car tears rolling down her cheeks. She watched as the tiger pounced. Jerald tried his hardest to fight back using nothing but his bear hands and his unwillingness to leave Kate. Jerald got a strong punch pushing the tiger back three feet or so. With his small advantage he ran for his life. He is not going to make it Kate thought, Kate opened the car door, he jumped in the car, in the nick of time. The tiger scraped a layer of the red rusty paint off the car along with a small scratch of Jerald's leg, he slammed the door close smashing the tigers paw with it.

The huge tiger fell to the ground the car rattled from the vibrations . He laid on the grass, without an ounce of movement.

“Jerald I am sorry,” said Kate.

“I am sorry too, I can't imagine my life without you.” Jerald sighed.

“Me neither,” said Kate

“I am not embarrassed of you, you’re my best friend and my girlfriend and I love you for who you are.” Announced Jerald

Through this terrible experience their bond was tightened.

Sometimes it takes a scare in life to realize what is actually important to you.

With that the tiger opened his eyes, without the couple noticing one bit. He strutted towards the car.

“Let's get out of here,” declared Kate

“Ya,” replied Jerald

Jerald placed his foot on the gas but the car didn't move one bit.

I forgot to put gas in the car Jerald thought.

The tiger pounced.

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