2016 Human Geography Project By: Alex Dedon mmm steak

The first agriculture revolution is also known as Neolithic revolution, is when people would turn from hunting and gathering into farming. It happened in between 10,000 BC - 2,000 BC. The Neolithic revolution change many people's lives from normal day hunting and trying to survive, to easy life and food straight from the farm and healthy eating and not worrying about dying. The first crops of the agriculture revolution was beans. potato's, and corn.

The 2nd agricultural revolution is benefiting from Industrials revolution witch was happening around 1700 - 1900. The products from industies is suppose to increase production and spread that product really far to different places. It lead to brand new farm techniques and using machine to massively enhance food production. All of the Second agricultral revolution started in Great Britain in the 18th century and it started to spread through all of Europe and to America by the 19th century.

The third argiculture deals with Mechanization and biotech. replacing human labor(LAZY) and animal labor. The biotech is just really messed and they are taking animals where they take two animals DNA and the combine it in one animal and they come out bigger or smaller( Depends what type of animal it is) more chicken, or featherless, Glow in the Dark pigs and etc. Human labor is going down and machines are doing it for them and having more products and collecting more from farms, and making the normal chicken bigger.

Larger chicken breast
Using different types of animal DNA in a Bio lab
People protesting because of the GMO's

GMO or genically modified organisms is where we taking and animal gene and we are twisting it for our sick puposes. GMO's have more to use and make from them. Pro is that you get more of the product, Cons it's bad for the animal and it's really messed up and there aremany people protesting for GMO. Makes more of the product and more money for farm's.

This is how agriculture has started and how it was changed during the years from hunting to a new style of farming and how humans are still advancing in agricultue farming.


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