The World According To Brian O


Is globization making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization is making the world stronger. First of all, it is connecting the world through trade and economy. For example, Indonesia makes a LOT of shoes and they are cheaper to make then U.S.A shoes so the U.S.A buys shoes from Indonesia to sell. Another example that globalization is making the world stronger is because countries are communicating with each other for good reasons and are bonding with each other and helping each other for trade. Lastly, globalization help move ideas and products around countries. These ideas can be moved by planes, boats, the Internet, and more. Overall globalization is making the world stronger.

Is climbing Mt.Everest worth the risk?

Climbing Mt.Everest is worth the risk. I believe this because first of all, it is a world heritage site. A world heritage site is a place where tourists can come and enjoy the site. It is protected by a company called UNESCO. This company assists countries in reserving these sites. Also, I think that if you want to climb everest, you need to do a ton of training. I mean YEARS. Jordan Romero was the first 13 year old who climbed Everest. He trained a lot of years! Since he was 7, his dream was to climb Everest and he climbed the other 6 summits (biggest mountains on other 6 continents.) This proves that you need to train a long time and train appropriately. Lastly, it gives you a lot of courage and is an insane achievement. People want to climb Everest for the achievement, pride, and self confidence. Given these points, climbing Mt.Everest is worth the risk.


Oil production in SW and Central Asia

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource in a region can be good and bad. Valuable resources can be good for a region. One example of it being good is that the money from oil exports (SW and Central Asia main resource) can bring up the life expectancy rate. Life expectancy is the amount of years that the average person can live. The life expectancy went up by 15 years in South West and Central Asia. Adding on to that, having a Valuable resource can also lower the infant mortality rate. Infant mortality rate is the rate of infants that die each year. In SW and Central Asia, the Infant mortality rate went down by ⅔, witch is great! Another example of having a Valuable resource being good is that your GDP is probably very high. GDP is gross domestic product, it is the measure of goods and services in the country. GDP is very high in SW and Central Asia because of oil. Valuable resources can affect region is a bad way. One example of this is because countries can get very aggressive and fight over them. In 1990 Iraq attacked Kuwait to get control of Kuwait's oil reserves. As a result to a war, 730 of Kuwait's oil reserves were set on fire and it took 8 months to put out the raging fires. Another example of bad effects of having oil is that oil has not ended poverty in SW and Central Asia. Saddam Hussein (a dictator of Iraq) spend most of the oil money on the military and building an intimidating country. In conclusion, valuable products (such as oil in this case) affects SW and Central Asia negatively and positively.

People moving across the desert in a caravan of camels

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to living in a desert region in many different ways, these are some, it could be farming or natural resources. People who live in these places sometimes suffer through a drought. They adapted to this by living near oasis because that provides water and Palm dates. The oasis also helps the people because it gives them a chance to trade goods from it. Yet, oasis farmers don't just get a free pass of goods from it , they sometimes have to fight against the wind for an oasis. In fact, their only break will be a windbreak, a windbreak is a wall that blocks the wind. Another way people adapt to the desert region is through nomadic herding. One big group that raises nomads is called the Tuareg. These 100 or fewer people groups go on caravans of camels till they find an oasis. Then, they trade for meats, vegetables, dairy, water, and grains. This helps them out a lot and they have adapted to finding oasis to live. The Tuareg have also adapted to the climate by wearing light blue cloth to cover over their heads. This way, they stay cool while moving along the desert. Overall, there are many ways people to adapt to the desert region. Living near natural resources (oasis) and practicing nomadic herding and adapting to the climate. It is a very hard thing to do to do adapt to the scorching hot desert, and the people that live there have done a lot of things to adapt to the desert.

Europian union flag

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are a lot of forces that unite (centripetal) and separate the European Union (centrifugal). There are many forces that the unite the people of the European Union. One example, is how people need to work together in the trade bloc to promote trade with each other to earn more money. Also, they need to work together to increase the common market with no trade barriers. For example, Liechtenstein produces false teeth. If Liechtenstein tries to compete with the world for false teeth, it will be really hard! So, if all of Europe competes with the world for false teeth, they will have a better chance of making more money. Also, the common market brings together all of the people by creating a single market. So throughout the the EU when you are traveling, you are not taxed every time you go out of one country. One force that definitely separates the people of the EU is that there is 20 languages that people speak! With 20 languages, it can probably get get pretty chaotic and really hard to communicate. For example, if you are trying to buy food and you speak one language, but the food seller speaks another, it can be really hard to buy what you want. So, it is really hard for people to communicate and get to know people. Another thing that separates the European Union is that not everyone has the euro as the official currency, so whenever you have to cross a border, you need to trade in money. As I said before. the euro is not the official currency of the EU, so if you are traveling, you might have to exchange money even if you are there for a day, and you live in another place. In conclusion, there are lots of forces that separate and unite the EU.

LIMITED Government
UNLIMITED Government

What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?

Democracy is the most effective type of government because it is a limited government. Not an unlimited government. In a limed government, there is a limit called consent of the governed, this says that every citizen can vote and have say in the government, so that no one has too much power. Also, there is separation of power, which states that power is separated between branches of government. Usually in a limited government, there is a constitution to help store the rights of citizens. In an unlimited government, there is absolute control over the citizens lives. For example, a dictator or absolute monarchy king/queen can be leader whenever, make decisions for a country, and even declare war. Without limited government, there will be complete anarchy. Some examples of countries with a unlimited government is Syria, Cuba, and North Korea. Also, all of these governments have a communist government, which distributes wealth equally. Some examples of countries with a limited government are the U.S.A, Canada, and England. Also, none of the governments are communist, and all people have to work for their money. Democracy is also the most effective form government because the citizens have say in the government's leaders and decisions. There are two types of democracy, direct democracy and representative democracy. In direct democracy, citizens have say in their day to day lives. In representative democracy, citizens represent a person to make decisions for their country. If they are not satisfied then they can re-elect a different leader. A couple of examples of countries with a representative democracy is U.S.A, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Some examples of countries with a direct democracy is Switzerland, Athen, and the U.S.A. In conclusion, I believe that democracy is the most effective form of government because it is the citizens that are making decisions. Without democracy, dictators could come into power and the citizens will have no control over their lives, a dictator can have enough power start wars. Without democracy, people's rights could be taken away. Without democracy it will be anarchy all over the world.

American citizen passport and flag

What does it mean to be a good citizen?

Being a good citizen means obey the laws of the land. One major law is that every US citizen has to pay taxes. American citizens have to pay taxes because it goes to the government to help fund roads, schools, and business offices for the people of the nation. Every US citizen has rights, like freedom of speech, right to vote, and freedom against discrimination. The US bill of rights states that every US citizen has these rights. However, being a US citizen means that you have responsibilities, because without responsibilities, it would be anarchy all over the place. There are two types of responsibilities, a mandatory responsibility and a personal responsibility. A couple of examples of a personal responsibility is getting informed on new rules, vote, and take care of your family. Pretty much doing things to take care of yourself that is important. A mandatory responsibility is something that you have to do by law. For example, do jury duty, go to school, and pay taxes.

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