College Scenarios by corey m.

  • Individuals in or out of college must take the necessary preparation to gain prior knowledge on college accidents and future mistakes.
  • More than 75% of students required to take remedial classes never graduate.
  • 70% of percent of Americans will study at a 4-year college , but less than 2/3 will graduate.

60% of college dropouts had no help from parents in paying for tuition.

A high school graduate earns 84% less than a typical graduate from a four-year college.

Being unable to balance school, jobs, and family is one of the top reasons for dropping out.

40% of college dropouts have parents with nothing beyond a high school diploma.

50% of college dropouts have incomes lower than $35,000.

  • 6.1% reported being Raped or sexually assaulted
  • 78% knew their assailant
  • 82% of assaults or rape did not include a weapon
  • 20% reported their rape to the
  • 16% who received assistance victim service agency

Adolescent Ambitions

Ambitions are an important part of the lives of adolescents. Whether realistic or not, they help teenagers make sense of their lives and their futures. They can use their ambitions like a compass to help chart a life course and to provide direction for spending their time and energy. Ambitions can increase the chances that adolescents will take schoolwork seriously, gain admission to the college of their choice, and view their success as a product of hard work.

Although very ambitious, many adolescents find it very difficult to fulfill their dreams. They are unaware of steps they can take that may help them achieve their ambitions. Often their ambitions are dreamlike and not realistically connected to specific educational and career paths.

Adolescents with aligned ambitions are more likely to select a path or construct a life plan that enhances their chances of reaching their occupational goals. Life plans are important for transforming ambitions from a dream to an everyday goal. Such plans vary in form, however. We have found that life plans that are coherent with detail and realism are especially useful for choosing a path that increases the probability of success in adulthood.

As to my audience (Parents, High school students) I want articulate the certainties of college assessment. I think students should be aware of college behavior and mistakes that are made that can alter the future education. I feel as the more students are aware, the percentages of failure will reduce maybe even go extinct.

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