My McStory By Lauren McMullin

My Journey to Journalism

Where it all began...

September 1, 2011: My journey to journalism began in high school. It started when I became the opinion editor for my high school website's opinion section and wrote for the local newspaper, the Davis Clipper. My interest was beginning to grow, and it only grew deeper as I followed my interests into the world of journalism.

February 26, 2016: I was called to serve as a LDS missionary to Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk. Little did I know, the news was to shape my entire mission. Throughout my time in the MTC, I received daily news updates in the mail about Ukraine being invaded by Russian sympathizers. Later, I was permanently reassigned to the West Chicago Illinois Mission due to safety issues. As the news of Ukraine shaped my life, my interest in journalism grew deeper.

Fast forward to my college years...

July 20, 2016: My interest in journalism grew as I accepted a job at the BYU Law School in the Publications Office as an editorial assistant. As an editorial assistant, I write articles and blog posts for the Law School. I will always remember the article I wrote on Jim Parkinson, a member of the Law School's charter class. His parting words of wisdom to me were, "If you live your life and you've come in first—then you've made a mistake. You want the people that are around you to come in first." My interview with Jim has since shaped my perspective of journalism.

To infinity and beyond...

After hearing this quote by Jim Parkinson, I adopted it as my motto. I want this motto to apply to all areas of my life, especially in my future career. In my future, I hope to have a career in digital news, with a focus on writing. I want the stories that I write, to not only tell a story, but to build people up, to inspire them with hope for a better world.

In the near future...

I plan to attend the New York Field Experience for the Communications program in Spring Semester 2017. I also currently write, and will continue to write, for the Political Review, a BYU student publication that I joined in fall 2016.

An article I wrote for the Political Review.
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